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5 Ways We Can (and Should!) Keep Celebrating Easter after the Actual Day

<p>You can always tell that Christmas is coming, even before it’s close. Radio stations start playing Christmas carols before we’ve even eaten all the Halloween candy, and commercials beckon us to start our shopping before we’ve even bought our Thanksgiving turkeys. Our nativity scenes are set up for weeks, and our advent calendars keep us counting down to the day baby Jesus entered our world. Christmas isn’t celebrated on just one day-- it gets a whole, long season.<p> Easter on the other hand? Usually, Christians dress up for one fancy Sunday service and forget about it all days later.<p>“Why do we spend an entire season of the year thinking about and celebrating Christmas, but just a weekend thinking about and celebrating the impact of the resurrection,” Trevin Wax asks.<p><span style="font-size:10px;"><em>Photo courtesy: &copy;Thinkstock/kevron2001</em></span></p>