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Will Maule

Will Maule

Asian-American Christians Call on the Church to Combat Coronavirus Racism

Racism toward Asians across the globe has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the coronavirus. As such, Asian-American Christians are calling on the Church to combat the rampant xenophobia.

'God Is Forcing Us to Rest': Christian Sports Stars Talk Spiritual Growth during Lockdown

A group of Christian professional athletes got together virtually to talk about how God is using global lockdowns as a time to encourage us all to be still and rest.

Federal Judges Block Attempts to Close Down Abortion Clinics amid Pandemic

Federal judges in both Alabama and Ohio have issued injunctions blocking legislators' attempts to ban non-emergent abortions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Idaho's Governor Signs Abortion Ban, Fairness for Women in Sports Act

Idaho's Governor recently signed a series of conservative bills, one that would essentially ban abortions is Roe v. Wade is overturned and another that prevents male to female transgender persons from competing in women's sports. 

New York Times Claims 12 Liberty University Students Are Experiencing Coronavirus Symptoms, Jerry Falwell, Jr. Denies

The New York Times is claiming that 12 Liberty University students are experiencing coronavirus related symptoms after the school's president, Jerry Falwell, Jr. allowed students back on campus after spring break.

Poor Prison Conditions Put Iranian Pastor at Risk of COVID-19, Petition Demands for His Release

A petition is calling for the release of an Iranian pastor imprisoned for allegedly evangelizing to Muslims. As conditions in the Evin prison decline amid the coronavirus pandemic, the risk level of the pastor contracting the virus increases.

Louisiana Church Ignores Social Distancing Advice, Welcomes 1,800 People to Church

A Louisiana church welcomed around 1,800 people to church on Sunday, disregarding the CDC guidance for social distancing.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Under Fire for Allowing Students Back to Dorms

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. is facing backlash after announcing that students can return back to their dorms following the university's Spring Break to compete classes -- most of which have been moved online.

President Trump Donates 4th Quarter Salary to Fight the Coronavirus

President Trump has reportedly decided to donate his fourth-quarter salary to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Attempts to Heal People of Coronavirus Through TV Screen

Prosperity gospel televangelist Kenneth Copeland came under fire this week when he attempted to heal people of coronavirus through a television set.