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Milton Quintanilla

Milton Quintanilla

Deadly Terror Attack in Pakistan Kills Over 50 People Celebrating the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

A suicide bombing left more than 50 people dead and injured close to 70 others in Pakistan during the birthday celebration of the prophet Muhammad on Friday.

16-Year Old Arrested for Cutting Down Famous 'Robin Hood' Sycamore Tree

The tree, one of the country's most photographed trees, was featured in the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and won the 2016 England Tree of the Year award.

Upcoming 'Synod on Synodality' Held at the Vatican

The Vatican is expected to hold its annual “Synod on Synodality” next week, in which bishops and lay people will convene to discuss synodality, focusing on communion, participation, and mission.

34th Annual 'See You at the Pole' Prayer Event Took Place at Schools Across the Nation

The annual See You at the Pole prayer movement convened on Wednesday as students gathered around their school’s flagpole for a time of prayer.

Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse Dedicates New Airlift Response Center, Boeing 757

The Christian humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse plans to dedicate a new airlift response center and cargo aircraft in North Carolina.

Atheist Group Calls Auburn University Football Coach's Attendance at Revival Event 'Unconstitutional'

A prominent atheist group is claiming that the Auburn University football coach’s attendance at a school revival event was “unconstitutional.”

Tim Ballard Addresses Sting Operation 'Tactics' Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Former government agent Tim Ballard, whose story is highlighted in the summer box office hit “Sound of Freedom,” has issued a defense against recent allegations of sexual misconduct. 

As Christian Headlines previously reported, Ballard was accused of taking women on overseas missions focused on sex trafficking and pretending that they were his wife. He was also accused of forcing them to share a bed or shower with him as a tactic to fool traffickers. 

For this part, Ballard has shot down the allegations against him. 

“Based on the allegations that are flying around and the questions being asked,” he said in a video posted to Instagram, “we’ve decided to tell you these tactics. While I do so, I’m going to pay homage, respect, love, and gratitude for these female operators who serve such an important role in rescue operations.”

Upcoming 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse Will Be the Last Occurrence Until 2039

A solar eclipse, also known as the “Ring of Fire,” is expected to be visible in the sky next month and will not be seen again until 2039.

According to NASA, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon’s orbit is between the Earth and the sun. However, it does not entirely block the sun like a lunar eclipse. Meanwhile, the “ring of fire” effect in the sky occurs since the moon is further away from the Earth than usual and appears smaller than the sun. 

Xavier Jubier, a French eclipse expert, created an interactive map displaying the eclipse's entire path as it moves around the Earth. Additionally, Space.com has posted a list of well-known locations and cities where people can observe the "ring of fire" solar eclipse, as well as the time and duration of the event.

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