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Milton Quintanilla

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'Criticism Resulting from My Mistakes Was Justified': Museum of the Bible Receives Heavy Criticism over Stolen Artifacts

Just under 12,000 antiquities are being repatriated to the Iraqi and Egyptian governments by Steve Green and his Museum of the Bible. The artifacts, which were housed in the Washington, D.C.-based Museum of the Bible, were found to be either looted or stolen during a museum funded investigation into the facilities collection.

Pastor David Jeremiah Argues COVID-19 Is 'Probably' Not a Sign of the End Times

While many of his colleagues seem sure that the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign of the end times, Pastor David Jeremiah is not ready to commit to that idea. In his sermon on Sunday, Jeremiah argued that while he cannot say for certain if the outbreak is or is not a warning sign of the second coming, he does think the pandemic does not perfectly match up with biblical prophecy and, therefore, is "probably" not a sign of Jesus' return.

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