Willie Robertson Post-Duck Dynasty Remains a Tone-Setter Who Points to Jesus

Maina Mwaura | CrosswalkHeadlines Contributor | Updated: Mar 20, 2024
Willie Robertson Post-<em>Duck Dynasty</em> Remains a Tone-Setter Who Points to Jesus

In an exclusive sit-down interview with ChristianHeadlines, Willie Robertson doesn’t show any signs of someone who just flew in from South Africa to speak at a Life Surge Leadership/ Business Conference. However, anyone who knows Robertson and his Duck Dynasty family will know that running on empty is one of the family's trademarks. Robertson seems not only okay with little sleep and flying across the world, he is also ready to step in when needed. The night before the conference, the Atlanta metro area lost power. Robertson, however, had no problem motivating the sold out conference crowd to focus on Jesus rather than the situation of being in a dark room, and conference organizers said that made all the difference in setting the tone for the conference.

Setting the tone seems to be something Robertson knows he embodies. Although most people remember him being on the hit show, a lot has changed in his life: watching his children grow, seeing daughter Sadie Robertson speak at the Life Surge Conference for the first time, having grandchildren, and being an author / speaker / entrepreneur in his own right. "Sadie’s went beyond what I could ever imagine, like most of the things she's done, I've done, but I didn't do it when I was twenty years old,” Robertson chuckles.


For those who haven’t watched Duck Dynasty, Robertson wants to make it clear that if it weren’t for Jesus there would never have been a show or a chance to live out his faith influencing millions, something for which Robertson is eternally grateful. Throughout this video interview, Robertson strolls down memory lane with a purpose, making sure the focus stays on Jesus, not himself or his family.


Image credit: ©Getty Images/Paul Morigi/Stringer