Kirk Cameron Defies Lockdown Orders with Christmas Carol Peaceful Protest

Mikaela Mathews | Contributor | Friday, December 18, 2020
Kirk Cameron, Cameron encourages people to turn to God amid the upcoming election in new series

Kirk Cameron Defies Lockdown Orders with Christmas Carol Peaceful Protest

Actor Kirk Cameron hosted a Christmas carol peaceful protest this week in defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 lockdown orders. He partnered with “Sing It Louder USA,” a group of concerned citizens angry over the government’s restrictions.

Cameron called on his Instagram followers and others to join him on Dec. 13 in the parking lot of The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, California, to sing Christmas carols and celebrate the birth of Christ. Most of the participants were not wearing masks.

Newsom recently tightened restrictions in the state with a new order that only allows people to leave their homes for essential activities and only with members of their own household. The state has recently experienced an uptick of cases, totaling 1.76 million and over 22,000 deaths.

“Have you ever sung Christmas carols by candlelight at a time when your state governor has prohibited you from doing that? In America! Well, this is actually happening; you can’t make this up,” he said in an Instagram post.

Kirk Cameron, Cameron hosts Christmas Carol protest

Hundreds of people packed the parking lot and sang songs, lit candles, and enjoyed inspirational talks. Although police were called to the parking lot, no one was arrested or cited. Officers talked to attendees about the importance of wearing masks, however.

Cameron has not been shy in his frustration with government officials. In his “Non-Essential Live” show, which he started in response to the COVID-19 lockdown orders, he told his listeners, “It seems as though essential liberties like the ability to gather, the freedom of speech and so many other things that are being deemed non-essential, while other things are being called essential—like the ability to get together inside of a weed shop or a liquor store, or a casino, or an abortion clinic.”

Other Christian leaders in California have pushed back against the Gov’s orders as well. John MacArthur recently won a lawsuit against the state that now permits his Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, to meet without attendance caps or bans on singing.

North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara and Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Ventura County, however, have been fined thousands of dollars for hosting indoor services.

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