PBS Airs New Documentary about the Late Evangelist Billy Graham

John Paluska | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Tuesday, May 18, 2021
PBS Airs New Documentary about the Late Evangelist Billy Graham

PBS Airs New Documentary about the Late Evangelist Billy Graham

The late Rev. Billy Graham, the world-renowned evangelist who God used to touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people, is the subject of a new PBS documentary.

According to The Christian Post, the film, which aired on Monday, isn't just about Graham's world-changing evangelistic work. It is also about his personal life and his daily activities as a follower of Christ.

The two-hour documentary, titled Billy Graham, was a part of PBS's Emmy Award-winning history series American Experience, and it delved deep into his day-to-day life as he influenced American politics while also preaching the gospel. The film also focuses on Graham's role as a catalyst for the current evangelical movement in America and showcases how he used his talents as a speaker to preach the Gospel of Christ around the world.

The film was produced by Helen Dobrowski, directed by Sarah Colt and executive produced by Cameo George.

Born William Franklin Graham, Billy Graham was born November 7, 1918, just four days before World War I ended. Raised during the Great Depression, he grew up on a dairy farm where he learned that everything that life requires must be performed to the best of one's ability. He applied this philosophy to serving the Lord when he accepted Christ at the age of 16 after hearing evangelist Mordecai Ham preach the gospel.

Graham garnered much of his evangelistic experience via radio, and then through Youth for Christ, an organization created during World War II to minister to young people and service members. After the war, Graham preached throughout both Europe and the United States. Additionally, Billy Graham has been named by Gallup in their yearly poll as one of the "10 most admired men in the world" 54 times, including 48 times consecutively more than any other person in the history of the poll. Graham is believed to have preached in person to 210 million people before he died at 99 years old.

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