Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

Make the Most of All the Arrows in Your Quiver

In your life, you will have countless opportunities presented to you, by God, to do something significant in this world with your life. At various points and times, God will inject moments into the ebb and flow of your life to do something life-changing, even world-changing.

The Men of Issachar (2020)

I have long been intrigued by an obscure passage in the Old Testament Scriptures, almost a throwaway comment, about a group of men within the people of Israel. They were known as the men of Issachar.

Let Freedom Ring (2020)

On the 4th of July, I’m always reminded of times I’ve traveled in countries where freedom is severely curtailed. Or where the people had been freshly freed from the chains of injustice, and the joy of their release was palpable.

Sexism (2020)

The classic definition of sexism is the economic exploitation and/or social domination of members of one sex by another. And specifically, of women by men. It’s when women are discriminated against—when they are stereotyped, when there is prejudice—just because they are women. What is disturbing, in the minds of many, is the perception that the Christian faith is deeply sexist.

The Greatest Leader of All Time

As someone heavily engaged not only in the study of leadership, but also its practice, I didn’t think I could be so surprised by the results of a survey regarding the greatest leader of all time. But I was. To make matters worse and to add to my humbling, I not only failed to recognize the leader who came in first—I was also unfamiliar with who came in second!

Nothing Can Be Worth This

Last summer, as part of a trip to San Francisco, my wife and I took the ferry to the infamous prison Alcatraz. It was fascinating and chilling at the same time. Under the best of conditions, it would have been a brutal place to be incarcerated. And no prisoner sent there was ever under the best of conditions.

The Third Way

The early Christian church had an interesting nickname that many 21st century Christians are largely unaware even existed. It was sometimes called the “Third Way,” and the name appeared as early as the second century. It was a reference to how some religious expressions catered to culture by co-opting and reflecting it, while others isolated themselves from it.

About That Reopening

I do not know what “phase” your state or country might be in. All I know is that you’re probably in one. Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re in “phase two.” Like almost every other church in our area, we’re not holding weekend services nor any other in-person events that can’t be effectively socially-distanced. We’re entirely online. And, I might add, will be for the foreseeable future. Why? There are three dynamics in play.

How We Broke the World

One of my favorite writers is New York Times (NYT) columnist Thomas Friedman. We don’t always agree, mind you, but he is a spot-on cultural analyst and a careful thinker. In a recent opinion piece for the NYT, Friedman walked through how, precisely, we broke the world. It's hard to disagree.

Listening to Our Brothers and Sisters

This past week, I sat down with six black members of our church for the purpose of listening and learning. The conversation was captured on video and was then used in place of the previously planned message during our weekend services.