Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

About Your New Website

Yes, this is about your new website. Why? Because you probably need one. Just like we did. Our church’s website, mecklenburg.org, just went live with a new design following a complete rebuild that was in development for more than a year.

Was Jesus Trans?

Just when you think a particular agenda can’t be pushed any further – or in more ridiculously strained ways – you can still be surprised. The latest is the claim that Jesus could have been transgender. Dr. Michael Banner, the dean of Trinity College, Cambridge, said that such a view was “legitimate” after a sermon by a student claimed that Christ had a “trans body.”

Reverse Mentoring

When you think of the word “mentor,” what comes to mind? Probably an older, more seasoned individual taking a younger novice under their wing and passing on wisdom to accompany their information. And that would be true. But what also is true is something known as “reverse mentoring.”

The Carvana Lesson

While the used car market remains strong, there is no more stimulus money, interest rates and inflation are at their highest in 40 years, the economy is close to a recession, and job cuts are coming in waves. Oh, and the supply chain issues for new cars have improved dramatically.

Thankful for the Fleas (2022)

Editor’s Note: This blog is a favorite of the Church & Culture Team and has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Least of These

Vulnerable children in developing countries who are among the poorest of the poor are on the front lines for the devastation to come if we don’t take care of creation. The NAE report went on to outline four heartbreaking realities.

Are the Trees Your Enemy?

Rainforests are absolutely integral to God’s creation, producing about 20% of our oxygen and storing a huge amount of carbon dioxide, which drastically reduces the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. Massive amounts of solar radiation are absorbed through rainforests, helping regulate temperatures around the world.

A Theology (Not Ideology) of Creation Care

We have been charged to care for God’s creation. To be stewards of all that God has made and entrusted to us. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have been able to do more care for creation than ever before, as well as more harm.

On Being a Political Christian (2022)

Politics matter, and if you are a Christian, you should be politically active. The reason is because culture matters. The world matters. We are citizens in this world, and the Bible says that as citizens we have a duty to the world in which we live. But how should a Christian be political?

The Sisyphus Dynamic

There is a figure from Greek mythology, Sisyphus, who was given a unique punishment. Early on, as king of Corinth, he got away with trickery—even twice cheating death. But then Zeus gave him the eternal punishment of forever rolling a boulder up a hill only to have it roll back down every time it reached the top.