Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

The "Quiet Quitting" Church

By now, you’ve probably heard about “quiet quitting.” The entire debate (and there has been nothing quiet about the differing viewpoints) got me thinking about how it’s not just individuals who can quietly quit, but also churches. And here, there can be no debate on the merits of doing so. For a church to quietly quit – to coast, to do the bare minimum, to refuse to engage the mission with every fiber of its being – would be unthinkable.

The Church of Social Justice

As a pastor, I’ve led our church to care deeply about not only the lost, but the least. In the mind and teaching of Jesus, the twin imperatives of the mission of the Church were to share the gospel with those far from God and to care for those in need.

Dark Academia

Dusty libraries, long-haired youths writing poetry, candlelight rituals… welcome to TikTok’s love for old books and “dark academia.” Yes, this is a “new generation commandeering a long-established Gothic aesthetic and making it their own.” Think the Brontës meet J.K. Rowling meets Stephanie Meyers meets "Stranger Things."

Belief in God Reaches New Low

Between 1944 and 2011 there was one cultural statistic you could count on: more than 90% of all Americans believed in God. Year after year, decade after decade, from the time of World War II to when President Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden, more than 90% of Americans consistently believed in God.

Two Counter-Cultural Keys to Staying Married

When it comes to having a successful, long-lasting marriage, there are two bits of conventional wisdom that are almost universally espoused: Don’t marry young and live together first. But according to new research from the Institute for Family Studies, conventional wisdom is false.

Hybrid Is Here to Stay

People have come to expect, and want, a hybrid world. Not entirely online, but not entirely physical: hybrid. If any institution needs to grasp this new model, it is the Church.

Getting Your “News” from TikTok

Sam Wineburg is a professor of education at Stanford University and founder of the Stanford History Education Group. Along with Nadav Ziv, a research associate, Wineburg penned a telling essay for the Los Angeles Times where he outlined what happens when TikTok is your main source of news and information. Newsflash: It has become this for many people.

Conviction and Courage

When people talk about making history, they tend to think of it in terms of personal fulfillment or fame. Seldom do they think in terms of impact, or in regard to confronting something enormously evil with the greater power of good at great personal risk to themselves.

You Will Have Cultural Enemies

If you are a true follower of Christ, you will have enemies. A lot of enemies. This isn’t a popular idea. Many Christians seem more intent on fitting into culture, or at least getting its affirmation, than opposing it. And the entire idea of being an enemy, or having one, seems out of sync with the Christ life.

Mystery Is to Be Expected

God is infinite, and we are finite. He is eternal and all-powerful and all-knowing; we are not. If an exhaustive understanding of God were possible, then God would cease to be God, for if our minds could fathom all the mysteries of God, then God would be no greater than our minds.