Dr. James Emery White

Do Christians Understand Sex Like Jesus Does?

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, half of all U.S. Christians say that casual sex (meaning sex outside of a committed romantic relationship) between consenting adults is okay. Take away the “casual” label, but still unmarried, and it climbs another 10 percentage points.

When You’ve Stopped Being a Dictionary

Dictionary.com recently uploaded its largest ever update, defining and redefining thousands of words. It would be understandable if you thought that 2020 must have been marked by an explosion of new words as we sought to explain life in a pandemic world. Yet the massive update only included a few hundred new words as opposed to 15,000 re-definitions.

The Essential 5 'Cs' That Comprise the Church

I’ll never forget sitting in the boardroom of a Christian business leader as he boasted of his company as a Christian enterprise. He spoke of the mission trips taken by employees, investments the company made in select parachurch ventures, their corporate chaplain, and the Bible study offered on campus. All well and good; but throughout his discourse he took more than his fair share of shots at local churches that were not as “alive” as his company was in their faith.

What Is QAnon?

I have been quietly keeping an eye on QAnon for a while, including reading with great interest the recent in-depth article in The Atlantic on its dynamics. But it wasn’t until Katelyn Beaty’s reporting on its spread among Christians that I knew it was time to speak out. The title of her article was telling: “The alternative religion that’s coming to your church.” So what is QAnon?

What to Make of the Enneagram

Is personality awareness spiritual? Or does it just breed a kind of narcissism—a self-centeredness, a preoccupation with ourselves? The Bible’s answer may surprise you. If I had to give the Bible’s headline, it would be, “Apart from knowing who you are, you cannot know who God is.”

Why Mecklenburg Is Choosing Not to Reopen Church Until Next Year

This week, I announced to our church that we will not be opening our doors to large-group, indoor events—including worship services—until next year. I doubt this surprised many Meckers, as I have been open in my blogging about the dynamics at play for reopening (see: “Why We Canceled Our Weekend Services,” “The Reopening Challenge” and “About That Reopening”). So, why make this decision now?

Does Wearing a Face Mask Displace Trust in God?

I was recently at a farmer’s market, and a particular family stood out to me. In a sea of face masks, they were the only ones not wearing them. Then I glanced down at the woman’s shirt, and emblazoned on the front were the words “Faith Over Fear.” Then I got it. They were apparently among those who feel that wearing a mask displaces trust in God.

My Writing

I was recently asked about my current writing projects and why I write the books that I do. Let me begin by saying I was flattered that anyone cared and, further, continue to be grateful that I am able to be a published author. If you had told me 30+ years ago that I would be the author of more than 20 books translated in more than a dozen languages, my mouth would have fallen open. It still does.