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Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

The Last Book Read

It has led to pastors who lurch their church from model to model, emphasis to emphasis. It has led thinkers to go from theological persuasion to persuasion, conviction to conviction. It has led ministries and staff to fear the latest conference their leader has attended, not knowing what will be “announced” upon their return.

Colleges Are Having to Change… So Will You

Higher education is experiencing not simply a communication revolution. Generation Z is forcing course makeovers, “pushing academics to be more hands-on and job-relevant.” Millennials may have wanted climbing walls and en suite kitchens; Generation Z wants all things career development. Generation Z is even changing office hours.

A Wire Above Manhattan (2023)

One of the deadliest deceptions is the deception of religion. The deception of religion is thinking that when we go through certain religious rites, rituals, membership processes, or attend certain services or ceremonies, we are being spiritual. The name for this is legalism.

The Committed Life

Following Jesus is not an idea, much less a philosophy. It’s a tangible, life-changing act. It’s something that you do. It’s a fundamental, settled choice within your very being—a choice that not everyone who desires a spiritual life is willing to make.

Evaluating the Fruit Test

In light of the many revelations of respected Christians who were, in truth, leading deeply entrenched shadow lives, the “fruit test” has loomed large. And what is that test?

Acquisition vs. Retention

In the business world, there is a clear understanding about the dynamic between acquisition vs. retention. Meaning the value of gaining new customers vs. keeping existing customers. Both, of course, are important. What is clearly understood is that while it’s important to expand your customer base, it is imperative to keep your existing customers.

Unavoidable Tension

The digital revolution, and the cultural concerns that go with it, undoubtedly presents the church with a profound tension. On the one hand, digital technology promises the gospel and the church greater reach than at any other time in human history.

The Three Intangibles of Effective Leadership

Of books and blogs on leadership, there is no end. Usually detailed within them are concrete, specific tasks or skills needed to be an effective leader. This is all well and good, but the older I get and the longer I lead, the more I become convinced that what sets the most effective leaders apart is more intangible.

The Lost Art of Independent Thinking

Unchecked, we begin to follow only the echo of our own voice; or, even worse, the voice of someone else. While the media may not tell us what to think, it certainly tells us what to think about.

Five Keys to a Long Tenure (2023)

A fellow pastor once asked me, “What are the keys to a long tenure?” It was a good question, and one (to be honest) that I hadn’t reflected on. I immediately thought of the usual things such as prayer and spiritual vitality but in truth, I had never thought about what it has taken to plant a church and then lead it for now more than 30 years.