VIDEO: Troubled Boy Has a Dad-Sized Hole in His Heart

Jim Daly | President, Focus on the Family | Tuesday, December 03, 2013

VIDEO: Troubled Boy Has a Dad-Sized Hole in His Heart

This 40-second clip demonstrates the need for engaged dads more than a thousand research papers ever could.

In 1998, the Jenny Jones Show aired an episode titled “Boot Camp my Pre-Teen” featuring a former Marine trying to shape up seemingly incorrigible boys.

The show takes an unexpected twist, however,  when the drill sergeant asks a 10-year-old a question:

“Do you want me to be your daddy for the next eight years, son?”

Undoubtedly, the tough Marine thinks the idea will scare the child.

Instead, the boy’s honest and heartfelt response threw the drill sergeant for a loop.  Here’s the clip so you can watch for yourself – I’ll share some thoughts below.

(If you’re accessing this post via a browser, click here to watch the clip.)

(If you’re accessing this post via a mobile device, click here to watch the clip.)

I don’t think anyone can watch this without being moved. The Marine certainly was.

This little boy exposes the desperate need in the hearts of children for dads. They need a father to love, discipline, guide and protect.

Dads – stay involved in your child’s life!

Churches – let’s encourage dads on their important journey.

Men – let’s mentor and come alongside children who, like the young boy in the video, need a dad.

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