Church Compensates Server after She is Fired for Complaining about Them on Social Media

Scott Slayton | Contributor | Monday, February 12, 2018

Church Compensates Server after She is Fired for Complaining about Them on Social Media

A misunderstanding over a tip cost one employee her job and gave a church some bad publicity. Last Wednesday, Christ Fellowship Church placed a large order with an Outback Steakhouse in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Tamlynn Yoder, a 25-year-old server, spent most of her shift preparing the 25 steaks, 25 chickens, and 25 potatoes for the carryout order. When a church volunteer picked up the $735 order, he didn’t leave a tip. 

Yoder, frustrated at not being compensated for her work, took to social media to share her experience. She called out the church and said that because she spent most of her time preparing the church’s order, she only waited a few tables that day. She brought home $18 for her entire shift.

A male friend contacted her and said he would get in touch with the church to set things straight. The next morning, Yoder showed up for work and was informed that the restaurant refunded the church’s entire order and that she was fired. An Outback Steakhouse spokeswoman told The Palm Beach Post company policy forbids employees from talking about customers on social media.

David Lonsberry, an executive director of business for the church, told the paper that the church had no desire to cause the server to lose her job. He explained that they called to resolve the situation and that the whole episode was a misunderstanding. “That night, we had a volunteer go to the restaurant and pick up the order since we were having a big conference. He probably didn’t know to tip since it was a rush of the moment thing.”

Yoder said on Monday morning that the church reached out to her and paid her an undisclosed amount of money. She told The Palm Beach Post that it was “more than the tip” and the church informed her that “a couple of families came together for me. Yoder continues to look for employment and hopes to stay in the foodservice industry.

The church’s Facebook page contains comments from all over the world blaming them for Yoder’s termination. 


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Publication date: February 12, 2018