Abby Johnson Will Send Unplanned to Hundreds of Abortion Workers

Mikaela Mathews | Contributor | Monday, August 26, 2019
Abby Johnson Will Send <em>Unplanned</em> to Hundreds of Abortion Workers

Abby Johnson Will Send Unplanned to Hundreds of Abortion Workers

Pro-life leader Abby Johnson will send DVDs of her recent movie Unplanned to over 800 abortion workers. The movie, based off of her book, chronicles Johnson’s journey from Planned Parenthood director to pro-life advocate.

“Hopefully [abortion workers] have a moment while watching the movie where they realize, ‘this is my story, too,” she said to EWTN News. “And we have a ministry that can help them leave. [We] can provide that transitional financial help, job resources, and can get them into a relationship with Christ to help them find healing.”

Johnson’s non-profit, And Then There Were None, has made it their mission to graciously help abortion workers exit the industry and transition to a new job.

In an email to LifeSiteNews, Johnson said her organization has the most comprehensive list of abortion clinic addresses, to which the DVDs will be sent.

“Inside the package will also be a letter from me, encouraging facility workers to watch the film as critics and to email me their thoughts to my personal email address,” she said. “Even if they hate it, I still want to hear from them.”

She plans on sending out 850 packages.

The impact of the movie has made waves through the abortion industry. Her organization has “referred thousands and thousands of men and women to post-abortion healing recovery programs” and the movie has even “helped dozens of clinic workers — people who went to watch the film as critics — find truth, walk out and say, ‘I have to get out of the abortion industry. Can you help me?’”

As Christian Headlines previously reported, director Chuck Konzelman recently testified before the Senate that nearly 100 clinic workers intentionally sought help after watching the movie.

During filming, Johnson worked hard to ensure that abortion workers were not vilified. “We did a really good job of showing people that these are just everyday women who are working in these clinics. They have families, they have children. They’re wives. And a lot of times they just need a lifeline.”

She hopes workers know that “conversion is possible” and that they are “welcome here in this movement.”

Despite the controversy that swirled the R-rated movie, Unplanned still landed #1 on Amazon’s Overall Best-Selling DVDs and has grossed over $18 million.

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Abby Johnson Will Send Unplanned to Hundreds of Abortion Workers