Residents Vow to Rebuild after Hurricane Delta Wreaks Havoc on Louisiana

John Paluska | Contributor | Monday, October 12, 2020
Residents Vow to Rebuild after Hurricane Delta Wreaks Havoc on Louisiana

Residents Vow to Rebuild after Hurricane Delta Wreaks Havoc on Louisiana

Hurricane Delta made landfall in Lake Charles, Louisiana, just six weeks after Hurricane Laura touched down, Fox News reports.

Hurricane Delta reportedly left downed power lines, mangled metal, and scattered tarpaulins.

However, the community is not filled with despair. Utility crews across the area were quickly deployed to restore electricity to the residents who lost power, but residents returned home on streets lined with debris and even saw houses with no roofs on them. Around 350,000 residents lost power due to the hurricane.

Sadly, one 70-year-old woman died of a fire caused by a gas leak due to the hurricane's damage. An 86-year-old man also died from the hurricane after a generator he refueled at St. Martin Parish caught fire. Further, a 19-year-old was drowned after getting caught in a rip current caused by the storm.

The storm also reportedly caused a train in Atlanta, Georgia to derail from the tracks causing a small fire. The fire briefly forced some residents from their homes.

The hurricane reached a wind speed of up to 100 miles per hour, which was not as bad as Hurricane Laura's 150 mile-per-hour winds, but still damaging as the town was still making repairs from Hurricane Laura. Hurricane Laura killed 32 people, many from carbon monoxide poisoning from generators.

Hurricane Delta's remnants have caused rains to pour in Georgia, Virginia, and the Carolinas. One of the residents, Clair Hebert Marceaux, the director of the community’s busy shipping port, lost her home in Hurricane Laura and expressed Hurricane Delta caused the current rebuilding project on her new home to be completely restarted. But, instead of expressing despair, she stated "We can't lose our momentum. We are still in an assessment phase, but we will be limping along as best as we can."

Two other residents, Earnestine and Milton Wesley, decided to ride out the storm at their house. Though their den was flooded, they saved their roof from completely ripping off the house. "We fought all night long trying to keep things intact,” Milton said. “And with God’s help, we made it.”

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