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Natalie Grant Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis, Asks for Prayers for Her Asthmatic Daughter

John Paluska | Contributor | Thursday, October 29, 2020
Natalie Grant Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis, Asks for Prayers for Her Asthmatic Daughter

Natalie Grant Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis, Asks for Prayers for Her Asthmatic Daughter

Christian music star Natalie Grant has just contracted COVID-19, The Christian Post reports. The 48-year-old singer-songwriter is asking for prayer for her daughter, who is asthmatic.

In an Instagram post, Grant gives her followers an inside look at what her symptoms are like and what she is dealing with. "I’m terribly achy, extra tired, can’t taste anything and just super bleh. Though I realize I’m only at the start of it," she said.

However, she is still grateful for many things, including "not having lung/breathing issues," having "a loving family" and having a "supportive husband who is stepping in to fully take care of the kids."

Grant also talked about those who have COVID-19 and are alone. "I’m thinking of those right now that are having so much difficulty breathing, and are afraid. My heart is with the single parent that has this stupid virus and is panicked about who is going to take care of their kids. I mean, how do you even isolate?" She said in her Instagram post.

In the post, she called single parents "all heroes" and said she was sorry for many people who have lost someone to the novel coronavirus. She also thoughtfully expressed what it would be like to lose a loved one to disease and not be able to say goodbye, "Most of you never even got the chance to say goodbye and I’m grieving with you."

But, above it all, she says she is blessed even though she has the coronavirus, "So yeah, I have Covid. But somehow I’m feeling incredibly blessed in the midst of it all."

Natalie Grant has COVID-19

Grant is an internationally recognized Christian Music star who has been nominated for eight Grammy awards and won The Dove Award for Female Vocalist of the Year 4 years in a row (2006-2009) and then again in 2012. She has recorded 10 albums and written or co-written 6 books. Her latest album, No Stranger, was released just months ago in September 2020.

Grant lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her family. Her husband, Bernie Herms, is also a music producer. Grant moved to Nashville because of her love of music and the chance to further her music career.


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