Mississippi To Vote on New Flag Design Featuring a Magnolia, the Phrase 'In God We Trust'

John Paluska | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Friday, September 4, 2020
Mississippi Flag, Two politicians propose changing the confederate symbol in the Mississippi flag to 'In God We Trust'

Mississippi To Vote on New Flag Design Featuring a Magnolia, the Phrase 'In God We Trust'

The Mississippi government will soon be voting to decide if they will replace the confederate battle emblem on their flag with a magnolia and the phrase “In God We Trust," the Associated Press reports. The move came after citizens and legislators decided to re-evaluate the flag's racial connotation.

The vote came down to either the Magnolia or a shield with wavy lines representing water. The new flag design will be put on the November ballot. If it is accepted, then it will become the new state flag. But if it isn’t, the design process will start over again until the people vote on a design they like as a replacement.

Mississippi has been having a series of race protests in recent years, and the state’s population is 38% Black. Many in the north and south see the confederate flag as a symbol of racism, though some southerners don’t see it that way. But the biggest push to retire the flag, which happened two months ago, was from a combined effort from various businesses, religious groups, educational groups, and sporting groups.

According to CBN News, the new flag design was created with a love for the state of Mississippi and the desire to create something that appeals to everyone in mind. The new design is even excepted to feature diamonds to represent the historic presence of the Native American tribes there. It was the collaborated effort of 5 Mississippi natives, one of which moved to San Francisco.

The confederate flag, as it is called today, is really the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia. It came to represent the confederacy, which broke from the union over the right to own people as property, among other reasons, according to The American Civil War Museum.

Even though some in the south did not own slaves, many did, and historians state the entire enterprise of the South was built on the back of slavery, meaning if the south lost their slaves, their entire economy would collapse.


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