The Voice Winner, Jordan Smith, Releases New Christian Single

Crystal A. Dixon | Contributor | Thursday, March 4, 2021
<em>The Voice</em> Winner, Jordan Smith, Releases New Christian Single

The Voice Winner, Jordan Smith, Releases New Christian Single

Jordan Smith, singer/songwriter and the season 9 winner of The Voice, recently signed with Provident Label Group/Sony and released  “Great You Are”, his first Christian single.

Smith, the highest-selling artist to ever emerge from The Voice says he’s returning his gift back to the Lord by making his faith now center stage with this song and album to follow.

Referencing his new single, Smith told The Christian Post, "When we wrote this song ... I knew it was special. But I didn't take a moment and stop and think about how special it was for me as an artist and the journey that I've been on since The Voice

Smith co-wrote “Great You Are” with Jeff Sojka and Matt Armstrong. "The song itself just says, 'Everything I am I lay it down here at your feet, and I'm returning this to you,’” he shared

Smith says the new song was written just before the COVID-19 pandemic, noting the importance of continuously looking to God through difficult times. 

"The last year, year-and-a-half, it's been so easy to be distracted by the waves, by the things that are going on, by the political climate. It's just easy to get sucked in and become so fearful and worried,” he said. “Anxiety is at an all-time high. Even in my own life, I find myself feeling anxious and concerned about things that are happening. I'm feeling a bit out of control because I don't have control over everything that's going on. I'm kind of a control freak, so that's an issue for me. 

"But just in that time of feeling out of control and feeling anxious and feeling worried about all of this — that's coming at us constantly — I think it's so important to slow down for a moment and say, 'Wait, I can experience heartbreak, I can experience failure, I can experience bad things. I can experience blessing and success and good things. Yet all of it fits into God's plan, and all of it is in His hands. It doesn't change who He is,” the singer added.

Smith asserted that he wants his new music to help the world experience the Holy Spirit, explaining that despite our own trials and tribulations, God is never changing.

"He's always faithful, He's constant, He's good, and He loves us unconditionally. It's important to stop and remind ourselves of just how good He is and how faithful He is in our lives. Whenever we lay down all of those heartbreaks, all of those trials, all of those, even blessings, down to Him, it's just refreshing. It brings new life to our spirit, and I hope that that's what the song can do for people,” Smith shared.

Since Smith’s win on The Voice, his life has been “quite the roller coaster.” He has written Christmas music, pop music and collaborated with renowned artists and producers. Now, he says he is giving his gift back to God. 

"I've just been so grateful for the opportunity to write this music. In a time when so much was happening, I was able to steal away, and I worked on this project in the studio, with no musicians, just me and a producer and social distancing,” he illustrated.

“It was such a weird process to make a project in the middle of a pandemic, but it was so heart-inspiring and uplifting to be able to make music during that time. Now I'm excited and grateful to be able to share it with everybody and hope that it encourages them just like it's encouraged me,” he shared.

"It's really special for me to be able to have the moment to return my gift to the Lord and to point the glory back to Him. We are all just that; we're just reflections of God's love to the world.”

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