Andy Beth Miller

Andy Beth Miller

Nigerian Soldiers Prevent Suicide Attack, Save Life of Suicide Bomber

Nigeria’s Northeastern city of Maiduguri experienced quite a scare recently as local police thwarted an attack.

Singer Sufjan Stevens Declares America is Not a ‘Christian Nation’

In a powerful post, the singer-songwriter, who is also a well-known born-again Christian, broached the subject of America as (decidedly NOT) being a “Christian nation.”

Christ is Being Brought to China through a Musical Based on the Life of Ruth

This new celebration involves a musical based on the life of the biblical character Ruth, which will be performed throughout the entire nation of China.

Spanish Soccer Team Won’t Feature Cross Logo while in Middle East

Tensions are running high concerning the club logo of top Spanish soccer team Real Madrid. According to news outlet Heat Street, “Real Madrid won’t feature the Christian cross on clothing sold in parts of the Middle East under a regional deal because of cultural sensitivities.”

Why We Need Church When Our Lives are Messy

A recent article published on wrestled, surprisingly, with the subject matter of messiness—but not as one might assume.

Former President George H.W. Bush Health Scare: Hospitalized for Shortness of Breath

Former President George H.W. Bush, along with his wife Barbara, were both admitted to the hospital on Wednesday.

The Surprising Response of Victims’ Families to the Violent Actions of Church Shooter Dylann Roof

In a world where revenge and anger seem to reign supreme, the families of the victims who lost their lives to Dylann Roof are choosing a drastically different path in response to Roof’s violence.

Open Letter from Bush Daughters Aims to Impart Wisdom and Advice to Obama Daughters

The two girls—via their thoughtful and generously kind overture recently issued to Malia and Sasha Obama—appear to be able to cross bi-partisan lines like their elders never quite could.

Is Trump Tweeting Himself into a Hole? Many Wonder if It’s Time to Muzzle the Next POTUS’s Social Media Voice

Donald Trump is notoriously no stranger to controversy, yet the fact that the business mogul and reality TV show guru is now the incoming President-elect of the entire United States of America has many worried about his ability (or inability) to carry himself in a more presidential manner.

What Does 'La La Land' Have to Say about Biblical Love?

Writer Jared C. Wilson posted a recent blog on which centered around the recent critically acclaimed Hollywood film La La Land.
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