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Pastor Leads Massive Revival on Southern Border

Milton Quintanilla | Crosswalk Headlines Contributor | Updated: Apr 01, 2024
Pastor Leads Massive Revival on Southern Border

Pastor Leads Massive Revival on Southern Border

A recent evangelistic outreach on the U.S. Southern border has thousands of people surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ.

From March 21-23, Pastor Tony Suarez led his Revival on The Border in El Paso, Texas before proceeding to McAllen, Texas, from March 27-29, with the final service concluding on Good Friday.

“Our street evangelism team set out to reach everyone, everywhere!” Suarez told CBN News in a recent interview. “From bars to city parks to those we could get to come to the tent — when it was all set and done, God gave us a harvest of over 3,000 souls that had an experience with God, in some form or fashion.”

During the event in El Paso, Suarez shared that 15 people wanted to get baptized.

“JUST THE MENTION OF THE NAME OF JESUS! 15 people decided to get water baptized last night under the tent,” the pastor wrote on Instagram along with posting a clip of the event.

Suarez also told CBN News that a “prayer army” was organized and sent out on the final night of the El Paso event, such as going to areas across the southern to offer prayer, minister, and administer resources.

“Starting in El Paso — and in each city they’ve been to — we’ve driven a stake into the ground claiming that city for the Lord,” he said. “The prayer army was tasked with speaking the name of Jesus over every single mile of the border between Texas and Mexico, as well as praying in the Spirit, and reaching people along the way.”

“These men have handed out Bibles to migrants, border patrol agents [and] they have preached in parks and ministered to people in restaurants,” Suarez added.

Although many people were baptized and received healing, Suarez said “The greatest miracle of all is people giving their lives to God!”

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Pastor Leads Massive Revival on Southern Border