North Carolina Bishop Argues That Kamala Harris 'Ain't Good for Black Folk'

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Friday, August 21, 2020
Kamala Harris, A North Carolina bishop spoke out against Kamala Harris in a sermon this weekend

North Carolina Bishop Argues That Kamala Harris 'Ain't Good for Black Folk'

On Sunday, Bishop Patrick Wooden Sr. delivered some scathing remarks about Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris in an impassioned sermon at his church, Upper Room Church of God in Christ, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Wooden called Harris out on her criminal justice record during her time as California’s Attorney General, The Christian Post reports.

“You know Kamala, oh she’s running for the vice presidency. I call her ‘Miss lock up a brother’ for when she was the AG in California. A negro knew; a Black man knew that he was dead in the water … if you appear before her because she took pride in locking up Black folk, and all of a sudden she’s trying to be sister girl. … Check out her record. She locked us up left and right, yes she did.”

Before playing a clip of a same-sex wedding officiated by Harris, Wooden added, “she boasted she was one of the first to perform same-sex marriage.”

“Now that,” he continued, “is who is supposed to deliver us? Are you crazy? I like what Maya Angelou says. She says when people show you who they are, believe them. That’s Kamala. And let me tell you, anybody who’s trying to turn America into Sodom and Gomorrah is not good for this nation. She’s not good for the state and she ain’t good for Black folk. ... We need real people,” he asserted.

Wooden went on to criticize the Democratic Party’s beliefs calling them antithetical to biblical Christianity.

“These people have an agenda. And their agenda, one of the things is to get rid of the Church; to have abortion on demand; to the promotion of all things LGBTQ. They want to bring in socialism and Marxism — forms of government that teach that God is not the deliverer and that our rights do not come from God, but that government is God. And that we must serve the state. It is Antichrist. That’s what’s behind keeping all this stuff going,” Wooden said.

The North Carolina bishop also stated that the Black Lives Matter organization is being given “millions of dollars” by billionaire George Soros, who leads Open Society Foundations.

 In July, the foundation announced that it would give $220 million to black-led social justice groups such as Black Lives Matters in order “to dismantle systemic racism.”

“Any black businesses seen all that money? Any of the black communities seen all that money, any black kid trying to go to college?” Wooden asked.

 “If you read what they say, therefore, they don’t mention the black male one time. They are not for the black male, and you can’t have a black community without the black male. ... This is the spirit of the Antichrist and I will not allow the devil to break my mind,” he asserted.

A clip of Wooden’s comments towards Harris and Black Lives Matter was posted on the YouTube channel, False Pastors, Prophets, Teachers exposed! A shorter clip by Black conservative Melissa Tate was posted on Twitter.

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