Mike Pompeo Named Senior Advisor at Liberty University's Standing for Freedom Center

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Friday, April 16, 2021
Mike Pompeo Named Senior Advisor at Liberty University's Standing for Freedom Center

Mike Pompeo Named Senior Advisor at Liberty University's Standing for Freedom Center

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been named senior advisor at Liberty University's Standing for Freedom Center.

Liberty University, one of the largest evangelical schools in the nation, shared the news on its website, Thursday. Pompeo will be one of several new fellows at the Freedom Center. Joining him will be former Gov. of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, and brothers and LU alumni, Christian entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham.

Ryan Helfenbein, Standing for Freedom Center Executive Director, expressed excitement over the new lineup.

"These fellows embody the core of what our center stands for: faith, freedom, and engaging culture with gospel-centered truth," Helfenbein said in a statement. "I'm proud to have these faithful world-changers on board with us and am excited to see our center grow with them."

In an interview with The Christian Post on Tuesday, Pompeo explained that as a senior advisor, he will further advance religious freedom, which is something he's held to personally throughout his life and during his time as secretary of state.

"I've watched this Center begin its development and its deep commitment for a set of issues I've cared about for a good part of my life — the capacity for every human being to exercise their God-given rights to practice their faith or if they choose not to practice their faith …," Pompeo said.

"We live in a special place, and I want to make sure we continue to do that at home here in the United States and then continue to work to expand that freedom abroad, as well, and I think this Center could be an important part of that," he added.

Pompeo believes that every American must fight for religious freedom as it is under assault "from city councils, county commissions, state elected officials."

"Every citizen can do their part in their space, in their own little community to do the right thing to promote religious freedom in the places that are closest to them," he said.

When asked if he would run for president in 2024, as some have speculated, Pompeo said it's still a "long way off."

"I'm going to do lots of good work here at the Freedom Center … continue to articulate our America-first foreign policy and those ideas and how they play out here at home," he explained. “And then Susan and I will pray to try and figure out the right path for us starting in a year or two."

Pompeo served as the nation's 70th secretary of state from 2018 to 2021.

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