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Dennis Quaid Says He Came to Faith after Being 'Struck by the Red Words of Jesus'

Milton Quintanilla | Crosswalk Headlines Contributor | Updated: Aug 04, 2023
Dennis Quaid Says He Came to Faith after Being 'Struck by the Red Words of Jesus'

Dennis Quaid Says He Came to Faith after Being 'Struck by the Red Words of Jesus'

Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid recently opened up about how his faith saved him from his struggles with drug addiction.

Quaid, who has starred in films The Big Easy, The Right Stuff, Great Balls of Fire, The Rookie, The Day After Tomorrow, Wyatt Earp, A Dog’s Purpose, and I Can Only Imagine, sat down in an interview with People Magazine as he discussed his life, career, and his new album Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners.

He shared that although he grew up in a Baptist church, he fell into cocaine addiction as he got older, GodTube reports. Quaid told Women’s World that he got baptized when he was nine years old, at the same time as his older brother, comedian and actor Randy Quaid, who has starred in Independence Day and the National Lampoons Vacation films.

“He was 12, I remember Randy’s assistant baseball coach came over and talked to him about being baptized,” Quaid said of his brother.

Despite his addiction, Quaid embarked on a spiritual journey where he read books from a variety of religious backgrounds.

“I started reading the Bible again,” the actor said. “But I also read the Bhagavad Gita. I read the Dhammapada. I read the Koran. And I went back, and I read the Bible again, for, like, the second or third time. And I was really struck by the red words of Jesus.”

In response, Quaid began to develop a personal relationship with Christ.

In addition to his faith, Quaid talked about his three children and how much he enjoys being a father, adding that he comes off as “a dorky dad.”

Quaid also explained how his relationship with his wife, Laura, differs from prior relationships in his life.

“Laura’s the love of my life,” he said. “We have a bond with one another that I never had with anybody else before. Yeah, God is in the relationship, for one thing, which I’ve never had a relationship like that before.”

During the interview with Women’s World, Quaid shared that his new album is about how he had lived a life apart from God.

“This album, Fallen, really is me,” he said. “At least for 20 years of my life, [I was] living in the world and wrestling with God, and kind of sitting too close to the devil at times without even knowing it. I think I do have some guardian angels out there though, looking after me, because I made it through. I know some people who didn’t.”

Quad's new album, Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners, is now available via Gaither Music Group.


Hear from the composer of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, the faith-based family film starred Dennis Quaid and J. Michael Finley:

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Dennis Quaid Says He Came to Faith after Being 'Struck by the Red Words of Jesus'