American Nurse, Daughter Released 'Unharmed' following Abduction in Haiti

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Published: Aug 10, 2023
American Nurse, Daughter Released 'Unharmed' following Abduction in Haiti

American Nurse, Daughter Released 'Unharmed' following Abduction in Haiti

An American nurse and her daughter have been released after being kidnapped in Haiti late last month and held captive for almost two weeks.

Alix Dorsainvil, 31, and her daughter were previously held captive in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince after they were taken away by unidentified gunmen on July 27. El Roi Haiti, the humanitarian group Dorsainvil serves as a community nurse with, posted a statement on Thursday thanking God that both mother and daughter were "released healthy and unharmed after 13 days of captivity."

"We could not be more thankful for the safety of our dear sister, friend, and staff member. Alix is a remarkably resilient woman whose walk with God guides her deep love for her family and her passionate commitment to the Haitian people," El Rio Haiti said in a statement.

"The Bible tells us if we are to boast, we should boast in the Lord (2 Corinthians 10:17). We at El Roi Haiti are delighted to boast of how good our God is as He clearly demonstrated His love, grace, and mercy through so many who stood faithful and firm, championing the plight of Alix and her child until the Lord delivered them both to freedom," the group continued.

El Roi Haiti also thanked those who have shared their support for Alix, her husband and El Roi director Sandro Dorsainvil during this time.

"Thank you to the many who have encouraged and supported Sandro and Alix and the El Roi Haiti team; we are grateful for each of you."

According to USA Today, information about who the kidnappers are and if they were arrested or received the ransom money has not been released.

"We express our deepest appreciation to our Haitian and U.S. interagency partners for their assistance in facilitating...their safe release, and out of respect for their privacy, we'll let the individuals speak for themselves when they feel ready," U.S. State Department spokesman Matt Miller told reporters.

On the same day as the abduction, the U.S. State Department ordered non-emergency embassy personnel and their families to evacuate Haiti following a security breach that resulted in gangs taking over large areas of Port-au-Prince.

U.S. citizens in Haiti were also encouraged to leave "as soon as possible" because of increased risks of kidnapping, crime, civil unrest and poor health care infrastructure.


American Nurse, Her Daughter Kidnapped in Haiti

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American Nurse, Daughter Released 'Unharmed' following Abduction in Haiti