Tony Dungy Defends the Unborn: Jesus Told Us to 'Help the Powerless and the Voiceless'

Michael Foust | Contributor | Updated: Sep 15, 2021
Tony Dungy Defends the Unborn: Jesus Told Us to 'Help the Powerless and the Voiceless'

Tony Dungy Defends the Unborn: Jesus Told Us to 'Help the Powerless and the Voiceless'

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy last week engaged in an extensive social media exchange about abortion, questioning President Biden's position on the issue and arguing the Bible clearly sides with the unborn.

Dungy, a well-known Christian who won a Super Bowl and serves as an NBC football analyst, posted more than 25 tweets about the issue – most of them in response to followers who either challenged his pro-life position or supported it.

Many of the comments by Dungy were apologetic in nature.

Dungy's initial tweet was sparked by a New York Post story that said Biden had changed his position and no longer believes life begins at conception. Biden, who is Catholic, previously said he accepted the church's teaching on the issue.

"I'm curious as to what new information the President has gotten that has changed his mind on abortion and life?" Dungy asked in a tweet. "Reading the article he seemed to talk about what his faith required him to accept. What has caused him to move away from that faith-based position?"

Dungy, who has 880,000 Twitter followers, replied to comments over a series of four days.

"I'm not talking about his political decisions. I'm talking about what he believes," he said in one response.

Soon, though, the discussion progressed to the morality of abortion itself.

When one person said abortion is between a woman and her doctor, Dungy responded, "You mentioned nothing about the baby. Was that intentional or do you think the baby is not part of the equation?"

When someone questioned the role of faith in the conversation, Dungy wrote, 'I would love you to read 2 passages from the Bible. Psalm 139:13-16 & Jeremiah 1:5. David-’God knit me together in my mother's womb & ordained my days BEFORE I was born.' God'- Jeremiah. I placed you in the womb.' If you believe the Bible, your faith has to be part of the discussion."

Dungy also quoted the New Testament: "Read Matthew 25:35-46 and then tell me you feel this abortion issue has nothing to do with faith. Jesus makes it clear we have a responsibility to help the powerless and the voiceless, and we will be judged on whether we did that or not."

When another person said society cannot be the "morality policy," Dungy responded, "Why do we outlaw stealing, murder and assault? We even outlaw things like libel and slander? You can't harm another person. You can't even say whatever you want about a person. Isn't that being 'morality police'? But in this case, we shouldn't tell other people what to do?"

One person argued abortion should remain legal because it's been legal for 50 years. To that, Dungy replied, "We had laws on the books for many years that were not right, and someone had to step up to change them. If leadership was just making sure 'the way we've always done it' keeps getting enforced, where would we be as a country right now?"


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Tony Dungy Defends the Unborn: Jesus Told Us to 'Help the Powerless and the Voiceless'