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Jordan Feliz Reveals That C.S. Lewis Inspired Contemplative Song 'Another World'

Michael Foust | Contributor | Monday, August 22, 2022
Jordan Feliz Reveals That C.S. Lewis Inspired Contemplative Song 'Another World'

Jordan Feliz Reveals That C.S. Lewis Inspired Contemplative Song 'Another World'

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Jordan Feliz says the most influential Christian theologian of the 20th century inspired Another World, a reflective song on his latest album that discusses the desire for eternity.

"It stems from a quote from a guy named C.S. Lewis," Feliz said Saturday during the Kingdom Bound Music Festival in Clinton, Iowa., which also brought in such artists as Vertical Worship, Courtnie Ramirez, The Young Escape, J.J. Weeks, We Are Leo and the Trampolines.

"[Lewis] says this: If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, then the most probable explanation is that [we] were made for another world," Feliz said.

The quote originated from Lewis' famous book Mere Christianity.

An adult convert to Christianity, Lewis (1898-1963) was the subject of the 2021 hit film, The Most Reluctant Convert, now out on home video.

Another World spotlights the individual's desire for eternity: "There will always be a longing that we just can't satisfy; as long as we're still under Heaven; it's like we're living half a life; it's like my soul's already missing; a place I've never seen or heard; and the only explanation must be must be I'm from another world."

Yet Another World was a last-minute addition to Feliz's album Say It, he said.

"It felt like something was missing from this [album], and I wasn't quite sure what it was yet," Feliz told concertgoers. "But about three weeks out from me having to turn this thing in, I was in the back of a tour bus with a buddy of mine who we write a lot of songs together."

They wrote what Feliz calls a "poem." Eventually, Feliz and a group of friends, including his producer Colby Wedgeworth, decided to turn the poem into a song.

"And we did it in like 45 minutes," he said. "And it was one of those moments where [we said], ah-hah – this is what was missing."

Say It includes such recent hits as Jesus Is Coming Back and Next to Me.


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