'Jesus Is the Way': Kathy Lee Gifford's New TV Series Spotlights Conversations about Faith

Michael Foust | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Monday, April 18, 2022
'Jesus Is the Way': Kathy Lee Gifford's New TV Series Spotlights Conversations about Faith

'Jesus Is the Way': Kathy Lee Gifford's New TV Series Spotlights Conversations about Faith

The success of Kathie Lee Gifford's new book The Jesus I Know has sparked a new television series on Fox Nation about the same subject.

The new series, also called The Jesus I Know, features Gifford interviewing well-known people about their personal faith. So far, Gifford has interviewed Kristin Chenoweth, Pattie Mallette, Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly, Janice Dean and Jimmy Wayne.

Gifford's book, The Jesus I Know: Honest Conversations and Diverse Opinions about Who He Is, was released in November and included interviews with 25 individuals.

The new TV series is available exclusively on Fox Nation, a streaming service.

In an interview with Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, Gifford emphasized that the series does not focus on her personal faith.

"I've already done probably three books on that," she said.

Instead, the series is about the "Jesus they know."

Her agent gave her the idea for the series.

"He said, 'Kathie, you know, in the last few books that we've done together, my favorite parts of the conversations you've had with people [are] about your faith and their faith,' whether it's Craig Ferguson, when you're on a movie set in the Highlands in Scotland, my movie, Then Came You, or it's Al Pacino sitting in my garden, and we're playing a game, or it's Kevin Costner who calls me one day to help me out with a project. That's been my world," she told Failla "… That's just where my stories come from."

Gifford told Failla that she's "been a follower of Jesus" since she was 12.

"There has been a calling on my life, but it was not to Africa, and it was not to China. It was not to all the missionary places that people went to back then in the 1800s when I was born," she said, laughing. "And I knew it was going to be the field of entertainment.

"I believe that Jesus is the way to eternal life because Jesus said, 'I am the Way the Truth and the Life, and no one comes unto the Father but through Me.' So I believe Jesus when He says that, but I also know that if we're going to try to get to the Father, I want Jesus at the gate because He's the one that saw my heart from day one. And [He] knows when I do things that don't please, and that fall short of His glory – and [He] loves me anyway."


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