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He Was a Drag Queen for 20 Years, Then He Found Jesus: ‘I Was Set Free’

Michael Foust | Contributor | Friday, August 2, 2019
He Was a Drag Queen for 20 Years, Then He Found Jesus: ‘I Was Set Free’

He Was a Drag Queen for 20 Years, Then He Found Jesus: ‘I Was Set Free’

A former drag queen who became a Christian is leading the opposition to library-sponsored drag queen story hours and testifying to the life-changing power of his new faith.

Kevin Whitt organized a July protest outside the Grauwyler Park Branch Library in Dallas as it hosted a story hour by two drag queens. Whitt is the director of the Dallas chapter of MassResistance, a socially conservative activist organization.

“I was a transsexual prostitute and drag queen for 20 years,” Whitt said outside the protest. MassResistance posted a video of his testimony. “... I used to perform in every drag venue in Dallas. I used to host my own drag shows for over 20 years. And then … five and a half years ago, I found Jesus and I got set free.”

Whitt’s testimony is detailed in a forthcoming book, God Saved the Queen: A Drag Queen’s Journey from the Stage to the Pulpit.

Whitt said he “was not looking for God.” But God got his attention through “a series of circumstances.”

“I was not looking for a change,” he said. “...I thought I loved being in that lifestyle. But God just captured my heart and I just surrendered my life to God. And I was set free and I came to Jesus. And ever since then, my life has been so much better than it ever was. I'm so much happier than I ever was. 

“Whenever I was in the lifestyle, I was very depressed... I had to be drunk all the time. [I was] sleeping with all kinds of different men. I mean, I slept with probably five guys in a day. I was very sexually perverted.”

Whitt was molested as a child, he said. The therapist diagnosed him with gender dysphoria and told him he was “just supposed to be a woman.” 

Years later, though, he found Christ. 

Whitt combats “pro-gay theologians” who claim the Bible supports homosexuality. Whitt calls Scripture the “inerrant, infallible truth.” Homosexuality, he said, is sinful.

“It’s very, very clearly written,” he said. “There is no way to twist Scripture around it.”


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Photo courtesy: Kevin Whitt Facebook