Democratic Governor Signs 3 Pro-Life Bills into Law

Michael Foust | Contributor | Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Democratic Governor Signs 3 Pro-Life Bills into Law

Democratic Governor Signs 3 Pro-Life Bills into Law

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed three pro-life bills into law, further cementing his reputation as the most high-profile pro-life Democratic politician in the United States.

Edwards, currently in his second term, signed a pair of bills into law Friday.

The first one, known as Act 483, requires medical personnel to tell women undergoing a chemical abortion that the procedure may be reversible if she takes only the first pill, mifepristone, and not the second pill, misoprostol.

The second new law, known as Act 482, requires minors seeking a judicial bypass for an abortion to obtain such a bypass in the parish they live – instead of in the parish where the abortion clinic is located (as is currently law). It allows minors to travel to an adjacent parish if their own parish has a population of fewer than 10,000 persons.

Chemical abortions involve two pills. Mifepristone blocks the hormone progesterone, causing the lining of the uterus to break down in order to kill the unborn baby. Misoprostol sparks contractions and delivery of the dead baby. The two drugs can be taken only early in the pregnancy, up to 48 hours apart.

The new law requires the women be given the following statement to accompany the second pill: “Research has indicated that the first pill provided, identified as mifepristone, is not always effective in ending a pregnancy. If after taking the first pill you regret your decision, please consult a physician or healthcare provider immediately to determine if there are options available to assist you in continuing your pregnancy.”

Benjamin Clapper, executive director of Louisiana Right to Life, applauded the new law, saying “every woman receiving a chemical abortion will now know that she can talk to a doctor if she regrets her abortion to see if options are available to help her continue the pregnancy and save her baby.”

“More than 2,000 babies have been saved across America thanks to the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol, and we expect even more babies to be born thanks to this legislation,” Clapper said.

Bel Edwards signed a law in June that increases requirements for reporting abortions. Among the requirements is one pertaining to minors under the age of 13 who get an abortion. Under the new law, such information must be reported by the Louisiana Department of Health to the Department of Children and Family Services on a quarterly basis.

All three laws become effective Aug. 1.

Edwards made his pro-life beliefs a central part of his re-election campaign in 2019 and his first gubernatorial campaign in 2015.


New Law in Louisiana Requires Doctors to Tell Patients about Abortion Pill Reversal

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Democratic Governor Signs 3 Pro-Life Bills into Law