'I'm a Christian First and Republican Next': Vice President Pence Makes Campaign Stop in Atlanta

Maina Mwaura | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Thursday, October 1, 2020
'I'm a Christian First and Republican Next': Vice President Pence Makes Campaign Stop in Atlanta

'I'm a Christian First and Republican Next': Vice President Pence Makes Campaign Stop in Atlanta

As Americans gear up to cast their vote in less than 34 days, one thing is sure, Vice President Pence isn't taking anything for granted.

This week, Christian Headlines was given exclusive access to travel alongside Vice President Pence during his campaign stop in Atlanta on Wednesday.

As soon as his plane touches down at Dobbins Airforce base outside of Atlanta, Pence did a traditional meet-and-greet with statewide political officials, including Governor Kemp.

Without missing a beat, the caravan crisscrossed through Atlanta for the Vice President to attend a closed-door fundraiser lunch with the party's faithful.

The participants donated to what is looking to be a record-setting campaign fundraising season.

Pence did not let the grass grow under his feet at Saint Regis. Before long, the caravan crisscrossed again back into Cobb County, a suburb of Atlanta, to attend the Faith and Freedom rally. The rally was hosted by Ralph Reed, who seemed enthusiastic to have the Vice President in attendance.

The crowd was rumbling with excitement to hear from the Vice President. Mixed in the crowd was the who's who of the Evangelical Republican Movement, from Presidential Faith Advisor Paula White to the President’s legal counsel, Jay Sekelow, to Pastor Jentzen Franklin. The ensemble of evangelical heavyweights have all shown up to hear from the Vice President. As soon as Reed introduces the Vice President, Pence makes it clear to the crowd that he is first and foremost a Christ-follower.

"I'm a Christian first and Republican next, in that order," the Vice President insisted.

Upon hearing these words, the crowd went wild. For a minute it seemed as if the crowd was transported to a country Baptist church. They were enthusiastic from the moment Pence said hello.

Pence goes on to share that he is in Atlanta to ask the audience for four more years in the White House. He has come to make the case for why the Trump Administration deserves a second term. Making a direct appeal to the crowd, Pence stated, "we have a President who has stood for faith and freedom."

He not only serves alongside the President but the two are lock and step with one another. 

"The President took the case to the American people last night at the debate. He took the fight to Joe Biden,” Pence added, though he didn’t linger on the topic of the debate for long. Polls indicate that many Americans were unsatisfied with the debate performances.

However, Pence is hoping that the American people are satisfied with what the administration has been able to accomplish for evangelicals.

"We've stood up for those who serve," declared Pence who wanted the crowd to know that the Trump Administration is a law and order administration. "All of my heroes wear uniforms," he stated as he reassured the crowd that the administration has and will stand by law enforcement. "We stand behind the Blue Line," he added amid enthusiastic cheers.

Pence knows his crowd and appears at home with the group as he makes each point.

Mike Pence at rally

The President has appointed 230 Federal Judges and selected 2 Supreme Court Justices, with a third, Judge Amy Comey Barret, in the early stages of meeting US Senators. Pence was with Judge Barrett the day before his Atlanta visit and reminded his audience of how historical it is for a sitting President to appoint three Supreme Court Justices. He also built up Judge Barrett as a woman of faith. Barrett, a Catholic, was criticized by a US Senator during her Federal court Appointment as being dogmatic about her faith. At these words, the crowd booed. Pence aligned himself with Barrett by stating, "That same dogma lives inside of me also!" The crowd loved it.

Although Pence didn’t appear to have a physical list, one can tell that he has the list memorized of the administration's accomplishments, including his deciding vote against Funding Planned Parenthood. "I couldn't be prouder to stand with a President who is pro-life," Pence asserted. He then compared the administration’s record on abortion issues to that of Former Vice President Biden’s pro-choice record.

Many in the crowd looked as though they could listen to Pence speak longer, but as his allotted time seemed to dwindle down, Pence briefly spoke about his role as the leader of the COVID-19 taskforce and highlighted the steps the administration took during the early days of the virus.

"By closing the border to China, the President bought us time and saved countless lives," the Vice President asserted before soon transitioning to the issue of education. 

Pence shares that his wife Karen, who is a schoolteacher at a Christian School, is back in the classroom teaching. He encouraged the audience, insisting that the country will get through COVID-19.

Pence then wrapped his speech up on a high note, reminding his audience of the importance of faith in America and asserting once more why he believes the Trump administration needs four more years.

"This is a time of testing, the next 34 days to the election. We are coming to a time of choosing," he said.

He closed his time by quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

The crowd joined in unison with his words. He emphasized the “heal their land” phrase in the Old Testament passage. This emphasis seemed to resonate with the crowd. Even Pence seemed moved as he thanked the crowd for praying for the president.

"The sweetest words we ever hear,” he said, “is ‘I'm praying for you.’"

Photo courtesy: ©Jeremy Noa

'I'm a Christian First and Republican Next': Vice President Pence Makes Campaign Stop in Atlanta