Gary Chapman Explains Why Everyone Needs to Know Their Love Language, Christian or Not

Maina Mwaura | CrosswalkHeadlines Contributor | Updated: Mar 11, 2024
Gary Chapman Explains Why Everyone Needs to Know Their Love Language, Christian or Not

The Five Love Languages is clearly part of the American vocabulary. For Gary Chapman, the book's author, it’s something that he’s thankful for while knowing that God is the originator of the project. Chapman seems okay knowing that he’s been called by God to be his servant, which may explain why he comes across as a man of humility with a down-to-earth demeanor. In a sit-down interview with ChristianHeadlines, Chapman explains where the book and the concept for The Five Love Languages came from.

Chapman can still recall after fifty years as an associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church when he realized that every couple that he counseled had one of five felt needs that would lead to the origins of The Five Love Languages. Chapman is also clear that everyone needs to know their Love language, whether they're a Christ Follower or not. “It has to be a God thing. You know, I think The Five Love Languages addresses what Christians and non-Christians both agree on: that one of our deepest emotional needs as humans is the need to feel loved by the significant people in our lives. Yeah. I think it touches, people of all backgrounds.”


Chapman is also aware that with the influence of the book - which he describes as one of the easiest books out of the fifty that he has written - there are critics, and he's fine with that. “Listen, you're going to have critics for the same reason that every couple will have conflicts. We're human, and humans have different thoughts, different perspectives, different emotions.” For Chapman, whose love language is words of affirmation, he’s okay in knowing that The Five Love Languages has been affirmed by God along with millions of people who have kept the book on the New York Times best sellers list for decades.

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