Dr. James Emery White

Dr. James Emery White

The Most Influential Books of My Early Christian Life

I did not become a Christ follower until I was 20 years old. My spiritual growth trajectory grew at a steep incline following that event. I was asked once during a Q&A session what was most strategic in my early discipleship. Three things quickly came to mind.

Learning "Teen Talk"

If there’s one parental principle for the teen years hammered home by almost everyone, it’s the importance of communication. The challenge is that today, that means becoming bilingual. Translation: learning “teen talk.”

Let Freedom Ring (2022)

On the 4th of July, I’m always reminded of times I’ve traveled in countries where freedom is severely curtailed. Or where the people have been freshly freed from the chains of injustice, and the joy of their release was palpable.

Living in Serious Times

Serious times met with serious lives. This is the anvil on which history is forged. More important, it is the means by which the Kingdom of God is advanced and the life of a Christ follower measured.

The 6 Laws of Technology

There is a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal titled “The Six Laws of Technology Everyone Should Know.” It is based on the writings of Melvin Kranzberg, a professor of the history of technology at Georgia Institute of Technology.

It’s Time for a Relational Inventory

It has been said that what you will be like in five years is based on two things: The books that you read and the people you spend time with. It is difficult to underestimate the impact of the people who surround you.

Shadow Racism (2022)

When it comes to a theology of race, there are four headlines: 1) We were all made by God; 2) We were all made in the image of God; 3) We were all made with distinction and variety—including the color of our skin; and 4) We are called into a relationship with God the Father by the Holy Spirit through Jesus the Son. This brings us to the great evil of racism.

What Matters Most in Parenting

One of the most extensive investments I have made with my life has been parenting. My wife and I raised four children and now pour ourselves anew into 14 grandchildren. I also consider my role as a pastor to be largely a fatherly investment. I will say that what matters most in parenting is not geography.

Our Growing Infodemic

Epidemiology is a branch of medical science that studies the ways diseases are transmitted and, as a result, can be controlled in a population. Infodemiology is a social science that studies the ways information is transmitted and, as a result, might need to be controlled. In other words, an infodemic is similar to a pandemic.