Dr. James Emery White

When Finances, Health, and Faith Collide: Avoiding the Perfect Storm

Sometimes, when storms collide, they can neutralize each other. Sometimes they can flip around each other, almost bumping off of each other. But sometimes—and it’s rare—they can feed off of each other and combine into what the National Weather Service calls a “Perfect Storm.” We are currently in the midst of the potential for a perfect storm, only this one isn’t meteorological.

Update on Generation Z

Vivendi Brand Marketing released a comprehensive report titled “Gen Z & Entertainment” on those born between 2000 and 2012 (Although most would deem Generation Z to include those born between 1995 and 2010.). The report looks at how “they connect with books, festivals, gaming, music and series in a new and different way.”

Single-Parent Moms

How many women worldwide are single moms? The answer may surprise you. It surprised me. One out of eight. In sub-Saharan Africa it climbs to an astronomical 32%. I teach a lot about families, parenting and, perhaps most of all, fathering. But in many ways, single moms are the heroes. And they are in very good company.

The Internet of Things

You know about the internet. You know about “things.” But do you know about the “Internet of Things?” If you have ever asked Alexa to play a song, you’ve used it. At its most basic, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnectivity between smart devices.

Are Horoscopes, Tarot Cards, and Astrology Apps Satanic?

“There’s an app for that” is true for almost everything, including reading your horoscope. In fact, horoscope apps are seeing a rise of new users. One reason is because they are so easy to use. As an article in the Wall Street Journal explained, “You enter your birth date, time and location and the app calculates your specific birth chart, shedding light on your passions and predilections.”

I Wish Someone Had Told Me

I ran across an article the other day written by a man listing some of the things he wished someone had told his younger self about the vocation he had pursued. I know how he felt. One of the benefits of aging is gaining a clear sense of what you wish you would have known when you were younger. It got me thinking along the same lines. So just for fun, here are five things, in five areas, I wish someone had told me.

The Experience Economy

One of the shifts we are experiencing culturally is that experience is becoming the new spirituality of our day. In other words, we are becoming more “Eastern” in our sensibilities. This can be good or bad.

Is a 'Spectrum of Sexes' Dangerous?

In a stunning op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal, Colin Wright, an evolutionary biologist at Penn State, and Emma Hilton, a developmental biologist at the University of Manchester, give a full-throated denunciation of transgender ideology titled “The Dangerous Denial of Sex.” Their position can be summed up in a sentence: “Increasingly we see a dangerous and antiscientific trend toward the outright denial of biological sex.”