Wyoming GOP Demands Representative Liz Cheney 'Immediately Resign' over Trump Impeachment

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Monday, February 8, 2021
Wyoming GOP Demands Representative Liz Cheney 'Immediately Resign' over Trump Impeachment

Wyoming GOP Demands Representative Liz Cheney 'Immediately Resign' over Trump Impeachment

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney says she will not step down after Wyoming’s Republican Party officially censured her for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Cheney is the third-ranking House Republican.

CBN News reports, that the U.S. House voted last week 145 to 61 in favor of Cheney keeping her top post, but over the weekend, the Wyoming State Republican Party formally censured her and asked for her immediate resignation. The party also asked that she repay 2020 campaign donations.

"I'm not [resigning],” Cheney told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. “Look, I think people all across Wyoming understand and recognize that our most important duty is to the Constitution," she said. "And as I've explained and will continue to explain to supporters all across the state, voters all across the state, the oath that I took to the Constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment, and it doesn't bend to partisanship, it doesn't bend to political pressure, it's the most important oath that we take."

Cheney was only one of 10 Republicans who voted in the House of Representatives to impeach Trump for “incitement of insurrection” relating to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Cheney said she also doesn’t believe the conspiracy theories about the presidential election or about the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"People in the party are mistaken, they believe that BLM and Antifa were behind what happened here at the Capitol. That's just simply not the case, it's not true. And we're going to have a lot of work we have to do. People have been lied to,” she said.

"The extent to which the president, President Trump, for months leading up to Jan. 6 spread the notion that the election had been stolen or that the election was rigged was a lie. And people need to understand that."

She said she wants the Republican party to become “the party of truth” and to be “honest” about the 2020 election.

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