World AIDS Day Observed while Report Shows Progress

Carrie Dedrick | Monday, December 1, 2014

World AIDS Day Observed while Report Shows Progress

World AIDS day was observed today (Dec. 1) around the globe. For the first time in 30 years, the day was marked with a promising report: More people are receiving treatment for AIDS than are becoming infected with HIV. 

The report came from ONE AIDS. 

While this is progress, ONE AIDS Director of Global Health Policy Erin Hohlfelder said that “we should not take a victory lap yet.” 

“We’ve passed the tipping point in the AIDS fight at the global level, but not all countries are there yet, and the gains made can easily stall or unravel,” Hohlfelder said. 

U2’s Bono founded The One Campaign to combat AIDS around the world but the project faces financial difficulty. ABC News reports that there is a $3 billion annual shortfall to fight AIDS. 

Africa is the most difficult continent to control the disease due to countries that lack adequate healthcare systems. 

Publication date: December 1, 2014