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Washington DC Takes Steps to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Washington DC Takes Steps to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Washington D.C. is moving forward with a bill to legalize assisted suicide.

According to, the bill passed the D.C. Council yesterday by a vote of 11-2. It now goes before Mayor Muriel Bowser who can either approve or veto it.

Although Bowser has not indicated whether she will approve or veto the bill, her spokesman said Bowser “expects the bill to become law.”

If Bowser signs the bill into law, D.C. will be only the sixth place in the U.S. to allow medically-assisted suicide.

The D.C. bill has been especially controversial since it is the first to be proposed in an area with a large African-American population.

Black activist Leona Redmond stated, “Because of Jim Crow laws ... we didn’t have the opportunity to have the same jobs to have the same insurance, the same retirement benefits ... It’s really aimed at old black people. It really is.”

“We believe in life until natural death and that there is a racist component to it,” she continued. “It’s eugenics being dressed up to look like its the best thing since gravy,” Redmond said. “They have been soft killing us for couple of decades now by not providing certain people in the community with what we need to live wholesome lives. They are doing everything to send blacks away.”

A final vote on the bill will take place as soon as two weeks from now.


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Publication date: November 2, 2016