Supreme Court Security Chief Asks Maryland, Virginia Officials to Restrict Protests Outside of Justices' Homes

  Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Supreme Court Security Chief Asks Maryland, Virginia Officials to Restrict Protests Outside of Justices' Homes

The Supreme Court security chief is asking Maryland and Virginia officials to enforce federal and state picketing laws and stop protests that are taking place outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices.

Gail Curley, the Supreme Court's security chief, said protestors have been rallying outside some of the Justices' homes. Curley sent letters to Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD), Montgomery County, MD Executive Marc Elrich (D), Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA), and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeffrey McKay (D), CBN News reports.

The protests come after the Court struck down the abortion law in late June.

"For weeks on end, large groups of protesters chanting slogans, using bullhorns, and banging drums have picketed Justices' homes in Maryland," Curley's letter said.

"Protest activities at Justices' homes, as well as threatening activity, has increased since May. Earlier this week, for example, 75 protesters loudly picketed at one Justice's home in Maryland for 20-30 minutes in the evening, then proceeded to picket at another Justice's home for 30 minutes, where the crowd grew to 100, and finally returned to the first Justice's home to picket for another 20 minutes. This is exactly the kind of conduct that the Maryland and Montgomery County laws prohibit."

In Maryland, state law says that a "person may not intentionally assemble with another in a manner that disrupts a person's right to tranquility in the person's home" and that law "provides for imprisonment for up to 90 days or a $100 fine."

Pro-choice supporters have also targeted Justice Amy Coney Barrett's home in Northern Virginia.

"We have signs if you need them, water, snacks, solidarity – see you there!" the group "Ruth Sent Us" tweeted. "If you're in the DC metro area, join us. Our protests at Barrett's home moved the needle to this coverage. Falls Church is a People of Praise stronghold. She sends her seven kids to a People of Praise school that she sat on the Board of Directors for. She attends church DAILY."


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