Premature Babies Removed from Incubators after Air Strikes Hit Hospital

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Premature Babies Removed from Incubators after Air Strikes Hit Hospital

Premature babies in Aleppo have reportedly been removed from their incubators after air strikes destroyed the city’s only children’s hospital. Video footage shows that nurses were forced to take the babies off their ventilators as smoke filled the room where they were receiving treatment. 

The babies were taken to a civilian home to receive treatment away from the hospital. Nurses wrapped them in blankets and attempted to provide them with more care. Their current condition is unknown. 

According to the Independent, the air strikes that destroyed the children’s hospital and four other hospitals in the city, were part of a renewed assault by the Syrian regime and Russia against rebel-held districts in Aleppo. At least 92 people have been killed since the assault began. 

Injured people have nowhere to receive treatment, since the bombings have destroyed hospitals. Journalist Yasser Al-rahil reported that this is causing victims to die in the hours after they are hurt. 

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice condemned the attacks in a statement: “The United States condemns in the strongest terms these horrific attacks against medical infrastructure and humanitarian aid workers. There is no excuse for these heinous actions.

“The Syrian regime and its allies, Russia in particular, bears responsibly for the immediate and long term consequences these actions have caused in Syria and beyond.”


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Publication date: November 22, 2016