Mother Ignores Doctors' Advice to Abort Child, Baby Survives at 26 Weeks

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mother Ignores Doctors' Advice to Abort Child, Baby Survives at 26 Weeks

A mother who refused to abort her baby despite doctors’ advice is celebrating her son’s first birthday this week. 

Michelle Moloney gave birth to “miracle” baby Michael at only 26 weeks. The child weighed only one pound 12 ounces and was born with lung damage. 

Moloney’s water broke at 18 weeks; doctors told her that the baby would not survive and recommended inducing labor which would cause the child to die upon delivery. The alternative was to let nature take its course and she would likely miscarry within 10 days. 

The Daily Mail reports Moloney said, “I felt my baby kick in the early hours. It was such a definite kick – the reassurance that every expectant mum longs for. Just a few hours later, my waters broke. I felt terrified. It was absolutely devastating. The baby was very scrunched up and very tiny. Doctors said they could either induce labour or let nature take its course in up to ten days. I could feel my baby move. There was no way I could go through with an induction.”

After refusing to induce labor, Moloney went home where she miraculously carried her son for several more weeks. At 24 weeks, she was admitted to the hospital where she stayed until Michael was born two weeks later. 

Moloney said, “It was touch and go in the early days. He’s a miracle. I’m so thankful we have our little boy.”

Publication date: March 17, 2015