Missionary Couple Reunited with Child Swapped at Birth

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Missionary Couple Reunited with Child Swapped at Birth

A missionary couple recently received their baby back after the child was swapped at birth.

When the child was born, British father Richard Cushworth and his El Salvadorian wife, Mercedes Casanellas, accused Dr. Alejandro Guidos with being involved in a child trafficking plot, according to Christian Today.

The Cushworth’s son was lighter skinned than most babies in the hospital where he was born, so the Cushworth’s believed that their son had been swapped with a darker-skinned child to be sold to human traffickers.

Dr. Guidos denies this charge, stating that “I’m perfectly calm. I have nothing to prove. I am innocent.”

The Cushworth’s lawyer has stated he does not believe the baby mix up was intentional, although initial evidence pointed to that fact.

After three months apart from their biological child, the Cushworths are ecstatic to have him home again.

“We’re all absolutely thrilled,” Richard Cushworth’s father, David Cushworth stated. “This is an answer to so many prayers.”

The Cushworths also expressed their sympathy and compassion for the family who had been raising their son for three months, thinking he was their own.

“I feel for the other family. We know nothing about them, except that they only just found out today that their baby isn’t really theirs. It must have been devastating.”

Publication date: September 9, 2015