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Houston Pastors Release Video in Support of Texas Bathroom Bill

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, March 27, 2017
Houston Pastors Release Video in Support of Texas Bathroom Bill

Houston Pastors Release Video in Support of Texas Bathroom Bill

Five Texas pastors, known as the “Houston Five,” are releasing a video today (March 27) in support of the Texas “bathroom bill.”

Like the controversial bathroom bill in North Carolina, the Texas bathroom bill--SB 6--requires that individuals use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex rather than their gender identity.

Transgender groups oppose the bill which has already passed the Texas Senate in a 21-10 vote, according to Charisma News.

The bill now goes on to the Texas House of Representatives where it reportedly faces opposition. House Speaker Joe Straus has already voiced his opposition to the bill.

The five Houston pastors hope to sway public opinion in favor of the bill with their video in its support. The pastors, which include Pastor Steve Riggle, executive pastor of Grace Church; Hernan Castaño, founding pastor of Iglesias Rios De Aceite; Khanh Huynh, founding pastor of Vietnamese Baptist Church; David Welch, executive director of the Texas Pastor Council; and Magda Hermida, founder of Magda Hermida Ministries, are no strangers to the spotlight.

They banded together in 2014 after Houston’s then-mayor Annise Parker issued subpoenas of their sermons. They rallied enough support from the public, however, that the city walked back the subpoenas.

The pastors hope for a similar story of success regarding the bathroom bill.


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Publication date: March 27, 2017

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