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Good News for Pro-life Movement: 8 States Have Only One Abortion Clinic Left

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Good News for Pro-life Movement: 8 States Have Only One Abortion Clinic Left

Eight states are reportedly on their way to being abortion free and each have only one abortion clinic remaining. reports that the eight states are Kentucky, West Virginia, Wyoming, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Arkansas.

West Virginia and Kentucky were the most recent states to shut down all abortion clinics except one.

Abortion advocates have expressed their concern at the lessening access to abortion.

“In 2002, the Legislature passed the so-called Women’s Right To Know Act, which required that a biased counseling script had to be delivered to every patient by a licensed medical professional. So we had to hire somebody. And that’s the kind of thing the anti-choice people advocate for, because it costs us additional money,” said Sharon Lewis, executive director of the remaining abortion clinic in West Virginia.

Another pro-abortionist, Brent Blue, a physician and the director at Wyoming’s last abortion clinic, complained about the law that mandates a woman seeking an abortion first get an ultrasound.

“[P]atients have to be offered the opportunity to look at the ultrasound, but we do ultrasounds anyway, so if they want to look, all they have to do is turn their head to the right,” Blue said. “It’s a law that has no teeth, and there’s no way to enforce it. It won’t change one thing for us.”

Despite these complaints, these laws are saving the lives of unborn children, and pro-life advocates believe the movement is only gaining more ground.


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Publication date: May 24, 2017