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Election Day: Will Republicans Take Back the Senate?

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Nov 04, 2014

Election Day: Will Republicans Take Back the Senate?

There is a 70 percent chance that Republicans will win the Senate after today’s elections, according to the Washington Post. 

Three reputable models’ predictions vary regarding the Republican takeover. The Washington Post’s Election Lab model predicts a Republican win at 96 percent, whereas Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight model forecasts a 73 percent probability and the New York Times’ LEO model hypothesizes a 68 percent probability. 

States that are in question as to which way they will vote in election include Alaska, Georgia, Iowa and Kansas. 

CNN reports that Vice President Joe Biden does not believe that that Republicans will take over the Senate so easily. 

"I don't agree with the oddsmakers. I predict we're gonna...keep the Senate,” Biden said in an interview. 

Biden also suggested that a Republican-majority Senate would not have a major impact. 

"I don't think it would change anything, in terms of what we're about,” he said. “We know what we have to get done the last two years. And -- quite frankly -- going into 2016, the Republicans have to make a decision whether they're in control or not in control. Are they gonna begin to allow things to happen? Or are they gonna continue to be obstructionists? And I think they're gonna choose to get things done."

Polls will remain open today (Nov. 4) until 7:00 pm.

Publication date: November 4, 2014

Election Day: Will Republicans Take Back the Senate?