13-Year-Old Rape Survivor Chooses Life for Her Baby

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, March 19, 2018

13-Year-Old Rape Survivor Chooses Life for Her Baby

A young girl who was the victim of rape made the courageous decision to keep the child she conceived. Now, years later, she is so glad she chose life.

A woman identified as Kali wrote about her choice in a blog for Live Action News, which was reported on by The Christian Institute.

Kali was raped at the age of 13 and afterward found out she was pregnant. Many people, including her doctor, suggested she get an abortion. “You’re going to ruin your life. You’re making a mistake. It would be so much easier if you got an abortion,” she says people told her.

But Kali says she couldn’t help but see her child as a person and she couldn’t blame him for the horrible thing that happened to her.

“That has nothing to do with my son. He didn’t choose how he got here,” she says she reasoned.

She further explained why she chose life:

“Now that I have been put in that situation, I am totally pro-life. Once you hear that baby’s heartbeat it is an indescribable feeling.”
“It was an emotional time”, she added, “but it wasn’t honestly that hard of a decision at the time. That’s a life.”

Kali’s son Smitlee is now four years old and she says she has never regretted choosing life.


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Publication date: March 19, 2018