Abortion the Primary Issue for One in Six Voters

Nine percent of registered voters say they will only support pro-life candidates who oppose abortion while 7 percent of all voters say they will only back pro-choice candidates who support legalized abortion. In total, about one in six voters in America are single-issue voters on abortion.

Why I Oppose Early Voting

Absentee voting for people who will legitimately be out of town on election day is a long tradition and a convenience, but allowing people to vote this soon, even before the first debate, can skew the results in a close election.

Politics, Expectations and Christian Action

We live in a fallen world and will never, through civic, legislative or legal action, be able to scrub it of sin. No political victory is ever final, at least not in a nation where representative self-government means continuous contention for the hearts and minds of voting citizens.

Elections and Political Hyperbole

This is the stuff that makes so many people hate politics, politicians and Washington. The problem is that too many have put too much faith in government for too long and too little faith in God and in themselves to accomplish things on their own with God's help.