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'Jesus Is Just Getting Started': Asbury Revival Spreads to Texas A&M, Indiana Wesleyan and LSU

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Updated: Feb 28, 2023
'Jesus Is Just Getting Started': Asbury Revival Spreads to Texas A&M, Indiana Wesleyan and LSU

'Jesus Is Just Getting Started': Asbury Revival Spreads to Texas A&M, Indiana Wesleyan and LSU

Just weeks after an outpouring began at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, several other schools across the US have reported revivals.

In several videos posted to Facebook, Corpus Christi, Texas-based New Life Church lead pastor Michael Fehlauer showed people getting baptized in a public fountain at Texas A&M at Galveston.

In another video, one young man claimed that an A&M student who was lame was able to walk 20 steps after students prayed over him.

"2nd night! Jesus is JUST GETTING STARTED. This is REAL. Worship, repentance, prayers, no leaders. Physical healing. Baptism. Crowds bigger than last night. It's not religion. It's just meeting JESUS. Jesus! Had to leave at 1 am, but it was still going on! GO TO: Aggie Park 8:30 every MONDAY night (weekly)," wrote Grant Bynum.

According to CBN News, students at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) in Maron, Indiana, have also been experiencing a revival.

"I've been at IWU since 3 am. As I sit in the chapel-auditorium, involved in reflective prayer, the words of Robert Coleman comes to mind. 'Anytime you see a revival, you can be sure it started with prayer,'" Jim Lo, a professor at IWU's School of Theology and Ministry, wrote.

"God is doing a work at IWU. It may not have the proportions of what is happening at Asbury, but students are responding to the touch of the Spirit," he noted.

"At 2 am, I received a text message from a student, sharing how she has surrendered her all to God and is feeling called to a 'special' type of ministry. Other students have shared how they have asked God to help them live holy lives and have taken the step of repenting," Lo continued.

The IWU professor also noted how the spiritual outpouring was impacting the students.

"Students have confessed about how they have asked God to help them release anger and bitterness. Students are prayer walking the campus, claiming her for God. It's been neat how spontaneous worship in song has taken place in classes," he explained.

"There has been an increased concern for others. Teams of students are praying over dorms, asking God to do a mighty work in the hearts of fellow residents. Tears for family and friends who are not 'saved' have been shed," Lo described. "One of my classes turned into a prayer meeting."

"Why am I up earlier than normal? I have been sensing God working at Indiana Wesleyan University... Something wonderful is happening ...I sense there is even 'more' that He wants to do!" he concluded.

Revivals have also reportedly spread to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, and Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

"Students at LSU gathering tonight to pray and ask God to move on their campus! I have heard of countless other campuses hosting similar events this week. This is not just hype. This {fire} is real. God wants this generation back, and they are turning back to Him heart and soul," national collegiate director of the North American Mission Board for the Southern Baptist Convention, Paul Worcester, tweeted last Thursday.

Worcester's post included a photo from a gathering on the LSU campus.

"More than 400 students gathered at the Chapel on the campus for LSU to cry out for personal revival. They are among thousands across the US who gathered tonight on the Collegiate Day of Prayer," the Louisiana Baptist Message said in a Facebook video.

Students at Baylor University have recently broken out in spontaneous worship and prayer on campus.

"The awakening… — in Baylor," Lauren Yates said in a video posted on Facebook.

Jenn Moore also posted a video from Baylor, writing, "Revival happening right here! Praise Jesus. #Baylor University"


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'Jesus Is Just Getting Started': Asbury Revival Spreads to Texas A&M, Indiana Wesleyan and LSU