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California Church Asks for Prayers after Pastor Is Stabbed 7 Times

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Wednesday, March 2, 2022
California Church Asks for Prayers after Pastor Is Stabbed 7 Times

California Church Asks for Prayers after Pastor Is Stabbed 7 Times

A California church is requesting prayers for their pastor as he recovers from injuries sustained from a stabbing incident last month.

Pastor Ivan Pitts, who leads Second Baptist Church (SBC) in Santa Ana, was stabbed seven times by a man while standing in his own driveway on February 24.

According to Kelita Gardner, executive director of operations at SBC, the suspect acted as if he had a question for Pitts.

"He approached the pastor and asked him if he could ask a question, and when he acknowledged him, he stabbed him seven times. Twice in the eye, four times in the back and once in the neck, shoulder area," Gardener told KABC News.

She added that Pitts sought help at a nearby construction site, where workers managed to take a photo of the suspect's license plate. As reported by CBN News, Huntington Beach police later found the vehicle and arrested the assailant.

Last Thursday, SBC asked for prayers for Pitts, who is suffering from severe injuries to his left eye, back, neck, and lungs. Even though Pitts would require surgery, the church praised God for allowing their pastor to survive the assault.

"We are grateful to God Almighty for sparing the life of our dear Pastor," Gardner wrote in a post shared by the church on Facebook. "The doctors are claiming him to be very lucky, but we know luck has nothing to do with his survival."

In a follow-up post on Sunday, the California church shared that Pitts is in "great spirits" and is doing "very well" after undergoing surgery.

The church also quoted Pitts, who said, "I am so fortunate."

"Family, we thank you for your prayers! We invite you to continue to offer your prayers for Pastor Pitts and his family," SBC wrote.

The church added, "If you share prayer[s] or encouraging words online, feel free to use #PrayersForPitts" because the pastor will read them as he recovers.


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