Actor Brandon Potter Says Being in The Chosen Changed His Life

Milton Quintanilla | CrosswalkHeadlines Contributor | Updated: Jul 12, 2023
Actor Brandon Potter Says Being in&nbsp;<em>The Chosen</em> Changed His Life

Actor Brandon Potter Says Being in The Chosen Changed His Life

An actor who plays a villain on the popular Christian series The Chosen says that being a part of the series has changed his life.

Brandon Potter, who plays the antagonistic Roman guard named Quintus in The Chosen, recently sat down with The Christian Post for an interview at the 2023 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention.

"A show this big with this many moving parts can sometimes feel anonymous. You feel like a mercenary, just kind of a gun for hire. You show up and do your job and leave. And that's not the way that this show is," Potter told the outlet.

"There's like a big WhatsApp thread with all the actors, and we talk and share news, and we follow each other on Instagram – the cast and crew, too," he added. "Everybody hangs out and knows each other."

Potter likened his relationship with his castmates to that of a family.

"Working on the show has changed my life," he asserted.

When asked which was his favorite scene in the show, Potter pointed to one in season two with castmate Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus Christ.

"In terms of favorite scenes, I always go back to the scene that I got to do with Jonathan Roumie, the man who plays Jesus. It's just the two of us sitting and talking," Potter recounted.

"The reason why I love that scene is, first of all, because of the writing. You never get a scene in television where it's just two people talking for something like six or seven minutes. That never happens. There's no dialogue that long in any kind of show. Usually, it cuts away, or there's an action sequence or cut to a commercial. So, I was excited to do this scene just for that because it felt sort of like a play.

"Getting to finally share a scene with him was wonderful. Just because he's an incredible scene partner. It's nice to feel like I'm present in the moment with another artist," he said.

Potter also pointed out that the scene was a high point in his career because of the support he received from those working behind the scenes.

"Feeling the support of the entire cast and crew and also sitting across the table from such a lovely actor was a day in my career that I'll always remember," he said.

During the interview, Potter also discussed his character's future.

"A lot happens in season four. It comes to you hard and fast. Buckle up, get ready because stuff goes down," he revealed. "So far in the show, Quintus has operated sort of unimpeded, he's able to call the shots and do what he wants to do, and there's not really any consequences. And in this season, there are consequences for his actions."

"There are real consequences to his actions," he continued. "And I think that will force a change in him. I don't know what kind, I don't know if that's for good or worse. I can't speak to that. I don't even know. But something will have to give."

"The Chosen" season four is expected to release in January 2024. Potter noted that the release will also be on streaming services, TV, and theatrical events.

The show, created by Dallas Jenkins, has been streamed by more than 500 million people worldwide.


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Actor Brandon Potter Says Being in The Chosen Changed His Life