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'We Need Hope' – I Still Believe to Release Friday on Home Video-on-Demand

Michael Foust | CrosswalkHeadlines Contributor | Published: Mar 26, 2020
'We Need Hope' – <em>I Still Believe</em> to Release Friday on Home Video-on-Demand

'We Need Hope' – I Still Believe to Release Friday on Home Video-on-Demand

The faith-based film I Still Believe is coming to video-on-demand Friday, two weeks after it was No. 1 at the box office on opening night.

It’s an unprecedented move for a faith film that would be heading into its third weekend in theaters if not for the COVID-19 pandemic. Most theaters nationwide, including those owned by Regal and AMC, are closed.

The rental price will be $19.99 with a 48-hour viewing window. It’s the same price Universal placed on The Invisible Man, The Hunt and Emma, three films that also saw their theater runs cut short. Universal and Lionsgate – the studio behind I Still Believe – are calling it “premium on-demand.” With the nationwide average ticket movie price at $9, the $19.99 rental price is roughly the same price point for a couple viewing the film in theaters.

I Still Believe’s release to on-demand platforms comes “at a time we need hope and inspiration,” co-director Jon Erwin said in a video posted on social media.

The movie was expected to gross upwards of $18 million opening weekend but was released when federal and state governments were discouraging mass gatherings. Still, it finished No. 3 for the weekend with a gross of $9.1 million. It was No. 1 on opening night.

It was made by the same directors who also made I Can Only Imagine, Woodlawn and Mom’s Night Out.

I Still Believe tells the true story of Christian singer Jeremy Camp’s marriage to his first wife, Melissa, who died of ovarian cancer.

It stars K.J. Apa and Britt Robertson and has a 98 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Erwin said the story has “universally relatable” themes, including love, miracles, prayer and finding purpose in pain.

“This film is going to create a lot of conversations that can bring people hope and healing,” Erwin told Christian Headlines. “... There's miracles and there's heartache in the same story. And that's life, and that's how God works. There's a purpose and a plan for both, and both have value.”

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'We Need Hope' – I Still Believe to Release Friday on Home Video-on-Demand