The Chosen Season 4 Debuts No. 1 on Opening Night, No. 2 for Weekend

Michael Foust | Contributor | Updated: Feb 05, 2024
<em>The Chosen</em> Season 4 Debuts No. 1 on Opening Night, No. 2 for Weekend

The Chosen Season 4 Debuts No. 1 on Opening Night, No. 2 for Weekend

Season 4 of The Chosen got off to an impressive start at the box office, soaring to No. 1 on opening night and finishing No. 2 for the weekend, according to estimates.

The Chosen, Season 4 (episodes 1-3) topped all movies on Thursday with $1.4 million, then grossed an estimated $6 million over the weekend to snag the No. 2 spot, trailing only Argylle ($18 million), according to estimates. The Chosen finished ahead of The Beekeeper ($5.2 million), Wonka ($4.7 million) and Migration ($4.1 million). 

“The series exceeded expectations,” The Hollywood Reporter said of the Bible-based series. 

Episodes 4-6 will be released on Feb. 15, while episodes 7-8 will follow on Feb. 29. Never before has a television series launched all of its episodes in theaters on such a wide scale. Eventually, Season 4 will land on its traditional streaming platforms. 

Meanwhile, the series continues to get unprecedented coverage in mainstream media for a faith-based project. 

Jonathan Roumie, who portrays Jesus, appeared on the TV show The View last week to discuss Season 4.

TV Guide also released a “Special Collector’s Edition” magazine on newsstands for Season 4. An article in the collector’s edition said the series has “built a passionate legion of faithful viewers.”

“Roumie effortlessly shepherds a comforting and gentle strength in his Jesus, whether He’s confidently preaching the Sermon on the Mount to thousands or graciously healing someone in private,” the TV Guide article said. “And He’s unapologetically human. He laughs hard and pokes fun at His Apostles, shows His frustration with hardheaded religious leaders, joyously dances at a wedding in Cana and even frolics in the Sea of Galilee.”

The surrounding cast of apostles “come with relatable baggage, broadening their flat Bible counterparts into colorful characters,” the article said. 

“After 24 episodes (27 if you count the three Christmas specials), The Chosen has lifted the hearts of fans, who give thanks both through an overwhelming amount of online praise and the generous crowd-funding donations that continue to raise the drama’s production quality year after year (over $40 million has been collected so far). And given that the Christian megahit has been pitch-perfect since the original 2017 pilot, we have faith that the flourishing show will only continue to collect more and more loyal disciples on its righteous journey.”

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The Chosen Season 4 Debuts No. 1 on Opening Night, No. 2 for Weekend