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Korie Robertson Testifies: Our Family Proves ‘No One's Too Far Gone for the Love of Jesus’

Michael Foust | CrosswalkHeadlines Contributor | Updated: Mar 22, 2024
Korie Robertson Testifies: Our Family Proves ‘No One's Too Far Gone for the Love of Jesus’

Korie Robertson Testifies: Our Family Proves ‘No One's Too Far Gone for the Love of Jesus’

Filmmaker and Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson says the new movie about her father-in-law’s dramatic change is proof that redemption is possible for anyone.

That film, The Blind (PG-13), tells the story of Phil Robertson’s transformation from a young man who abused alcohol and cheated on his wife into a Christian man whose faith and values were a core theme of the top-rated reality program. In one poignant scene in The Blind, a drunk and angry Phil kicks his wife and children out of the house in the middle of the night amidst a pouring rain. His wife, Kay, went to live with a friend but refused to divorce him, believing their marriage could be saved.  

The Blind begins streaming on Great American Pure Flix March 22.

“No one's too far gone for the love of Jesus,” Korie Robertson, a producer of the film, told Christian Headlines. “I think there's this narrative that people can't change – like, once you're one person, then that's who you are. But with Jesus, people really can change. Lives can change and turn around – totally. And marriages can be saved. Families can be changed. Generations can be changed forever.”

The “mercy and grace of God,” she added, “is so far reaching, is so big.”

Kay Robertson experienced “10 difficult years” with Phil and “had to truly forgive him for their marriage to be saved and change forever.”

“Those two things happened: Phil truly repented and Kay truly forgave. And here we are today,” Korie Robertson said. 

She acknowledged that the movie, at times, was difficult for family members to watch – especially by Phil and Kay Robertson.

“It's hard to see yourself in that time period and … the worst time of your life,” she said.

Korie’s husband, Willie, was three years old when Phil experienced his spiritual transformation and does not remember the details depicted in the film. Willie and Korie’s grandson portrays Willie in the film.

Duck Dynasty, she said, “opened our eyes” to the power of entertainment and how it “moves people and shapes people.” The success of that show, she said, led to the development of The Blind

“From the day one that we mentioned it...” Phil said, “If it can have an impact on anybody's life, if you can change anybody's life by telling my story, then do it. … If anyone turns to Jesus, because of what I went through, then do it.”

The film was a box office hit last fall and became the top-grossing release in the history of distributor Fathom Events.

The film sparked a movement of God on one college campus. On opening weekend, 11 students accepted Christ and 30 students chose to be baptized in an outdoor baptistry at the University of Mount Olive after watching a screening. Students there worshiped until nearly midnight, according to a university news release.

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Korie Robertson Testifies: Our Family Proves ‘No One's Too Far Gone for the Love of Jesus’