Kirk Cameron Sounds Alarm on Scholastic’s ‘Sexually Explicit Books,’ Promotes Alternatives

Michael Foust | Contributor | Updated: Dec 01, 2023
Kirk Cameron Sounds Alarm on Scholastic’s ‘Sexually Explicit Books,’ Promotes Alternatives

Kirk Cameron Sounds Alarm on Scholastic’s ‘Sexually Explicit Books,’ Promotes Alternatives

Criticizing Scholastic Book Fairs for promoting explicit content to children, Kirk Cameron this week announced a partnership with a new alternative, SkyTree Book Fairs, that he says offers students books that remain family-friendly and age-appropriate. 

Scholastic, he said in a threat on X, is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“For many years, @Scholastic has been championed by educators as a trusted publisher of children’s content,” Cameron wrote. “This should no longer be the case. Scholastic is pushing sexualized and gender-confusing content for minors into schools and libraries.”

Cameron posted excerpts from several Scholastic books. In Welcome to St. Hell, a biological female who identifies as male explains how she had her breasts removed. In the book Rick, a grandfather and grandchild come out as transgender to one another. In Melissa, a biological male who identifies as female expresses frustration at his male anatomy.

“Some assume that because @Scholastic is a world-renowned children’s publisher, these books we’ve highlighted are the exception. That is incorrect,” Cameron wrote. “Scholastic prioritizes LGBTQIA+-themed books -- including those that have obscene, graphic content.” 

SkyTree Book Fairs, according to a news release from the organization, was formed by a group of concerned parents who are troubled by the books being offered in schools. The organization, the news release said, will “provide safe, family-friendly books to children through school book fairs, allowing their imaginations to soar while being rooted in truth.” 

Cameron is an advisory board member and the organization’s first spokesperson. He warns that Scholastic is selling “sexually explicit, morally disgusting, and dangerous books.”

“SkyTree aims to equip children with books that promote positive values and lifestyles while respecting that parents and guardians are the ultimate authority to determine what their child reads,” the news release said. 

Scholastic, Cameron noted, “has published a list of their 100+ LGBTQIA+ books on their website.”

The SkyTree website says its approach will offer: 1) “Transparency with librarians through content reviews,” 2) “engaging in-person and online experiences for kids,” and 3) “convenient fundraising and easy setup for schools.”

SkyTree says more than 600 schools nationwide are already involved. Its website also includes selections from Scholastic books it says are problematic. 

“I’ve always been the kind of person who focuses on solutions and not problems, so I identified the problem and found a group of people who were ready and willing to help find a solution,” said Riley Lee, president of SkyTree Book Fairs. “As a mom and former middle school teacher, I felt compelled to approach familiar territory and inspire change in schools. That’s when, together, we brought SkyTree Book Fairs to life.”

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Kirk Cameron Sounds Alarm on Scholastic’s ‘Sexually Explicit Books,’ Promotes Alternatives