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Ark Encounter to Expand with 'Tower of Babel' Exhibit: 'It Will Be a Fascinating' Attraction

Michael Foust | Contributor | Monday, July 12, 2021
Ark Encounter to Expand with 'Tower of Babel' Exhibit: 'It Will Be a Fascinating' Attraction

Ark Encounter to Expand with 'Tower of Babel' Exhibit: 'It Will Be a Fascinating' Attraction

Last week, apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis celebrated the five-year anniversary of its popular Ark Encounter and announced plans for a new Tower of Babel attraction.

The Ark Encounter opened on July 7, 2016, in Williamstown, Ky., and has helped make northern Kentucky – just south of Cincinnati – a destination for families of faith. The attraction is a museum and life-size replica of Noah’s Ark.

Answers in Genesis CEO and founder Ken Ham said last week attendance has rebounded from the pandemic and is “equal to our excellent 2019 numbers,” which was a record year.

Next year, Answers in Genesis will begin fundraising for a Tower of Babel exhibit, Ham said in an interview on the ministry’s website.

The Tower of Babel exhibit, Ham said, hopefully, will open in three to four years.

“Among other things, we will help people understand what genetics research and the Bible say about the origin of all the people groups around the world,” Ham said. “I can assure you: It will be a fascinating, eye-opening attraction.”

The exhibit also “will tackle the racism issue,” a news release said.

Further, Ham said Answers in Genesis will add a scale model in 2022 or 2023 “of what Jerusalem may have looked like at the time of Christ.” A themed carousel for children will “hopefully” open by summer 2022, Ham said.

Answers in Genesis recently added a $3 million virtual reality experience, Truth Traveler, to the Ark Encounter. It was funded by a supporter.

“It opened just in time for our reopening in June 2020,” Ham said. “It’s outfitted with special-effects seats that move; people put on special VR headsets to enjoy an immersive experience as they travel back to the time of Noah. The experience is like having a ride.”

The Ark Encounter Ararat Ridge Zoo also added new animals, including lemurs and sloths, Ham said. Children 10 and under receive free admission in 2021 to the Ark Encounter with one paying adult.

The Ark Encounter is located near the ministry’s Creation Museum.

The Ark Encounter will feature a “40 days and nights of gospel music” Aug. 2–Sept. 10.

“I believe this summer will be our best season ever,” Ham said.

Photo courtesy: ©Answers in Genesis, Ark Encounter

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