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Regent University to Hold 5-Day Prayer, Worship Event

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Monday, March 6, 2023
Regent University to Hold 5-Day Prayer, Worship Event

Regent University to Hold 5-Day Prayer, Worship Event

Regent University is following Asbury University’s lead and is hosting an outpouring this week.

Regent University Director of Campus Ministries, Dr. Jeff Gossman, said he went to the Asbury revival during its two-week outpouring.

"God is making known his claim on GenZ,” he said. “This generation has suffered so much loss due to the pandemic. This current outpouring is like their coming-of-age party, where Jesus says to them, 'I see you. Welcome to the table.'

“Regent University is making space for students to worship and pray. We’re celebrating what God is doing among GenZ,” Gossmann added.

According to CBN News, students have been gathering on the Regent University campus and attending weekly chapel services and other spontaneous worship.

"These gatherings – some up to six hours long – have been marked by humble worship, [the] teaching of scripture, prayer, repentance, and spiritual renewal,” Regent University said in a statement.

Regent University is now officially holding open prayer and worship services from March 6 through March 10 in its Shaw Chapel on campus.

The five-day event will create space for “spontaneous worship and prayer.”

“I think there’s a move of God that’s happening; there’s a revival that’s happening, and I wanted to be in the presence of God,” Regent student Shameka White told CBN News.

“I wanted to just be among believers. And we need it in the climate of the world today.”

The Asbury University revival started after a chapel service on Feb. 8. Students continued singing and praying, and other students later joined in. The university says some 50,000 students and visitors came to campus during the two-week revival.

“There were 100 people volunteering at any one time, just to make these services work on the fly,” Asbury University president Kevin Brown told Christianity Today. “There was a classroom that got redeployed into almost a command center. If you walked in, there were flow charts on the wall, and the whiteboards were covered with information. There was a volunteer check-in station. … It was one of the most impressive technical feats I’ve ever seen.”

Photo courtesy: Jon Tyson/Unsplash

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Regent University to Hold 5-Day Prayer, Worship Event